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I needed something small to work on. I am waiting to hear a preference on a commission quilt, so trying DESPERATELY not to dive into a large UFO. I'm also trying to keep up with my house. My parents and adult daughter arrive on Tuesday. I would SO love to have the clutter piles down to a dull roar! I had seen a jacket in Karen McTavish's book LONG ago. I bought it the last time I got to go to Houston's quilt show. That was in 2005, so this idea has been rolling around for quite awhile! I finally decided to dive in. No pattern, just an experiment!

I started with a plain grey sweatshirt. I cut it apart at the seams. (actually I cut the seams OUT, trimming as close as I could to them. I was not thrilled with taking out all those SERGED seams! We will see how it turns out. Could be next time I slog thru all that serging.) I loaded unwashed fabric on the frame, no batting, and laid the pieces on the fabric, fuzzy side down.

Here you can see the bottom edge of both sleeves. I trimmed off all the ribbing also. To start I made one line of quilting along the very bottom edge of the sleeve. I had been warned of sweatshirts stretching, so I was being very wary. My thinking was to just anchor it and quilt up...letting the sweatshirt move up as I quilted. No basting stitches or pins around the edge.

Here is a close up of the quilting. My 1st change would be to match the quilting thread to the sweatshirt. This is great for illustration, but I would love the jacket to look 'embossed'. To do that , the quilting would have to blend in. Hence the matching sweatshirt and thread. These are wonky feathers a la 'The Pajama Quilter'. I have finally doodled them enough to strike out on my own. The only thing
I marked was the center of the front where I will cut it. I probably will slice thru some quilting, but this IS an experiment!

After I quilted both sleeves and both the back and front of the sweatshirt, I just cut them out...following around the edge of the sweatshirt parts. I sat at soccer practice burying all the hanging threads.I guess I could have just threaded them to the back and trimmed. Today I will just put the pieces back together. Any suggestions on binding? I plan to do just regular double fold binding around the cut edges. I HAD planned on using the same fabric as the lining. Now that I look at it, I am thinking the black batik will be a BIG contrast to the grey of the sweatshirt. I think I will stash dive to see if I have any grey...I have a hair appt on Tuesday and could stop by my favorite quilt shop and pick up a nice grey batik. What do YOU think?


Norma said…
Your idea of a small project is amazing! I am looking forward to seeing how this comes out. it looks so nice so far.

Have you seen that the Road 2 CA and the Tucson quilt show are on the same weekend this year? How could they do that!!!!!!

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