yes, I DO lurk on some blogs. I also lurk in my AOL quilting chat room...but I'm talking about what lurks under my washer and dryer. Yesterday, I was folding towels. Now I am not much on laundry and FOLDING falls under the "just better than a root canal" category. I do it because it has to be done and I LOVE it when its done. (wait; its NEVER done...:::SIGH:::) I happened to glance between the two machines...and caught a glimpse of a wayward sock. I got the mop handle and scraped it out.

There was:
3 color catchers
a foam brush
2 old Kleenex
one cleaning rag
3 wash cloths, folded
a fabric coaster
8 unmatched socks
one fat quarter
one pair of unmentionables of someone who no longer lives in this house
and the mystery; the patch from my student nursing uniform from COLLEGE!
( I graduated in 1979! WHERE did that patch come from!?? ROTLF)

I REALLY am afraid to have my husband MOVE those machines. If that is what was down the side and around the back, just THINK of the horrors UNDERNEATH! :::GASP:::

On a happier note, the stained glass quilt I made for the hospital auction went for
$475! I have never sold any of my work, so this was pretty exciting. I'm glad that it was for a great cause!


Beth said…
I'd be too afraid of what is in my laundry closet to dig it out. I let Hunnybunny do it.

You've NEVER sold any of your stuff? Wow...I thought you did. You should, you know. You're very, very good!

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