Sew along step 3

I wonder if anyone is doing this after I have waited so long between steps! Anyway, here is a picture of the top:

And a close up of the blocks. If you would like to sew along with us, just search for 'sew along' in the search box near the top of the blog. I have gone back and labeled the fabric requirements and steps. Since we are only on step 3, there is not much catch up work to do.

Step 3

From your background fabric cut: 8 3.5 inch strips (WOF=width of fabric)
sub cut: into 80 3.5 inch squares

From the blue fabric cut: 2 3.5 inch strips
sub cut: into 20 3.5 inch squares

Sew one 4-patch block (from Step 2) on either side of a 3.5 inch background sq. Note the placement of the contrast ...If they are not placed this way, you will not get the criss-cross effect. make 40 strips

Sew a 3.5 inch background sq on either side of a blue 3.5 inch sq
Make 20 strips

Sew one 4 patch strip on either side of the background/center contrast strip. You should get 20 blocks.


Celtic Heart said…
I love this quilt top!!! Quilts with just a couple of fabrics in them always catch my eye. Can't wait to see how you quilt it.


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