Thursday, March 29, 2007

Dudley's wild ride

As I stepped off the curb this the grocery store parking lot, a golf cart drove by. A lady and her passenger were both wearing sun glasses..not an uncommon sight in sunny Arizona...BUT! The passenger was none other than....DUDLEY! Isn't he great? His owner said not to get to close..he gets so happy to see people he rips his glasses off! I will watch for him again...I'm such a soft touch for happy dogs!

I was informed that Dudley 'allows' his friend to drive the golf cart..and that he was not driving today as his drivers license was left at home by accident! Now THAT would be a sight! HA!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

As usual, Pickles says it all. My husband concurs!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

drawstring bag

I wanted to post a picture of this quick cute drawstring bag earlier...BUT was a birthday present for a friend who reads this blog. Her big day (yes following in my footsteps...enuf said) was Thursday, so now I'm free to post pictures!

Here is the birthday bag. It is made out of Mary Englebreit fabric. The lining is red with black polka dots.

The scissors show you where there is a small envelope like pocket on the front and back. They only take 2 (18 inch) squares of fabric and a yard and a half of cording or narrow ribbon.

This is the one my beginner sewer made for her sister. It took her about 45 mins for the 1st one and less for her 2nd.

All of these bags I put a button on the little flap on the pocket. of COURSE I forgot to take more pictures! We were too excited to GIVE them!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday of spring break

Well..lets see...spring training game (HAILED out..yes..that is rain and dime sized hail. can you say SOAKED?) We only got to see about 3 innings before the heavens opened up. Not much of a warning either!...sprinkle ....sprinkle....DUMP! We had seats in the 2nd row right behind the Brewer's dugout too! Of course that meant that when it started raining hard, we were the LAST ones to get up the stairs. ::;sigh:::: I did get a glimpse of Craig Counsell. He has been one of my favorite players since he 1st signed with the Diamondbacks. Hard to see him in a different uniform. He didn't play before the game got called. The ground crew could not get the tarp on fast enough! I cannot remember the last time I have been that wet in clothes! Finally got one kiddo out of the house for glasses adjusted, new shoes (you could see his socks in two holes on one foot!), and a hair cut. WHEW! I finally got to sew a bit today. will go and finish up quilting on the charity quilt when I'm done posting. Rosalind asked about my frame.

You can see the frame from this picture. It is a B-line table top frame...think Handiquilter made of wood. It could be set up at a king size, but I dont' have the room to set it up in my studio. Those are IKEA dressers with about 2 inches shaved off the legs to get the right height for me...with a counter top ordered from Home Depot.

This is a closer picture of the machine I quilt with. It is a Juki TL98E. It has a thread cutter that I have disconnected as I kept hitting it on the remote button when I really wanted to start quilting! I also have a Quilters Cruise control (stitch regulator)(that is the black box you see on the carriage next to the Juki) and a Max Throat. The Max is a small motor at either end of the take up bar (the one that goes thru the throat of the sewing machine.) It automatically rolls that bar forward as the machine gets close to it. It allows me to quilt about twice what I could without it. I'm still working out some bugs on it, but it works better for me every time I try it. OK ..time to finish reading my mail and get back to sewing. I even cleaned the kitchen ...ALL of it! (mark your calendars!)

(boo hoo Vanderbilt lost!...:::::sniff sniff:::::

Friday, March 16, 2007

I'm worn OUT!

I got to go to the Arizona Quilt Guild's yearly show today. I was in DESPERATE need of some fabric therapy! I didn't go over board, but after having sickos (son for 3 days, then husband for 24 hrs or so) all week...let me assure you it was NECESSARY! I took a friend of some online buddies from AOL chat with me. She uses a wheel chair and oxygen..not a problem, just a bit more of a challenge. Luckily it was sunny and not horribly hot. I did think to bring a cooler with bottled water and some damp COLD washcloths. They sure felt good before that car cooled off!

Here is what I have been working on this week. I'm JAZZED to be quilting again! My favorite quilt shop had put the request out to its customers for orphan blocks. (for those non-quilters out there...(yes I mean YOU TWO NIECES!!! You thought I didn't know you read my blog...hehehehehehehe) orphan blocks are blocks that for one reason or another have been left over. Sometimes they are not right color wise, the wrong size, just didn't piece well or there were too many. For whatever reason, quilters HATE to get rid of these!) This is actually a top that someone pieced. I'm not sure if the top had been donated or blocks and someone pieced it. At any rate, I offered to quilt it...and there it SAT. I added the green will have a small pinky peach insert at the binding that will be the same green. The back ground is the green and a yellow floral I had left over. I tried Mary's method for piecing a off center 4 patch backing...but the fabrics I used were not selvedge to the one color does not meet in the middle. I will decide after I have it all quilted and bound if I will show it to you.

Here is a close up of a bit of the quilting. I'm just doing a free hand daisy then a loop-de-loop. The fabric is sweet and kind of old fashioned. I didn't want to do too much, just enought to keep it together. I am pretty happy with the design and my thread tension. Maybe I will get to put the binding on it later. The binding and the insert are all ready to go. Gee, I'm glad I did that first!

Family all feeling well again
ICE on a hot day!
Lots of quilters with imaginations!
Glad to be done with my pity party of last night...ick

I purchased a new pantograph today (quilting design on paper to be followed with a stylus on the quilt frame) and I would have bought more if they had the other two I have had my eye on. No luck with that so I will order them online.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I was having a hard time! We had no DSL for THREE DAYS! Top that off with a sick kiddo and a husband home...WHHOOOEEEE! The Qwest repairman came today...we are now the proud owners of a new modem!

Well, since I had little or no computer time, I got alot done quilting wise. I finished the Hour a day quilt top. Here is a picture of just the top.

I really love this quilt. I loaded a charity quilt on my a warm up for this one. I hope to have it quilted in the next day or so. I had some upgrades to install on the Max Throat and have not had the guts to try it out since then! If I feel the need to PIECE, I will do the backing for this. I have nothing picked out yet. Could be interesting! Thanks for the pattern Judy, I LOVE IT!

Friday, March 09, 2007


Well, I have slogged thru the 1st border on my HAD quilt long ENOUGH! I have them done, and while they are not perfect, they will do. Next time I will either 1. make the insert go all the way across the quilt...or 2. not use an insert at the border in that quilt!

You might be able to see from the picture that this sits up and is not inserted into the corner. Dont' ask me how I did it..I'm not quite sure! I'm off to find the checkerboard border (already made THANK GOODNESS!) and see how far I get on it tonight. I have a son with out a playmate tonight, so I might not get as much done as I had hoped....Ahhhh..motherhood! See you tomorrow!


Here is my day's ASSIGNMENT...altho it is self imposed...I DO need to get it done. Maybe you will get a peek at the cleaned off counter later! :::Crossing my fingers::::

Locker hooking continued

I had a request to show you how to put strips together, so here you go!

Here is one end of a strip. You do NOT have to trim those little corners off, but it does make it a bit smoother when you attach them together.

Fold the end back a bit on itself and cut a small slit. ½ inch to 3/4 inch is enough. I think a whole inch is a bit too much, but will work.

here are two ready to put together. I used two different colors so you can see better.

Place the new strip over the old strip with the slits lined up. Take the OTHER end of the new strip and put it thru slit under the old strip. Make sure there are no twist in the new strip (ask me how I know this!).

Pull the new strip all the way thru. When it gets all the way thru, keep tugging gently until it snugs up like this:

Now you can keep hooking. Sometimes that little "knot' comes up to the top. It just adds to the charm of the piece. If you dont' like this look, you can keep those knots on the back. Happy crafting! ( I just could not say...happy...hooking! LOLOL)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Locker Hooking

Looking for ONE more way to use up those scraps that multiply on their own? (don't leave them alone in a dark closet!) In my studio there are two last stops on the way to the dog bed scrap bag. I am cutting for yoyos, but have nothing to show for it. I have a ziploc bag with circles awaiting the day when I'm REALLY stuck for something mindless to work on. That day has not arrived yet...but it WILL I'm sure.

The other 'scrap user' is locker hooking. Here is a picture of a trivet I made as a trial piece. There is no pattern for this. I just used strips I had in my scrap drawer.

You start with rug canvas:

And a locker hooking needle. It looks like a crochet hook on one end, and has an eye like a needle on the other end:

You use the hook end to pull up strips of fabric, leaving a loop sticking thru the canvas.

When you have 3 or 4 loops on the hook, you pull a cotton yarn or cord that is threaded on the eye end throught the loops. This keeps the loops from pulling back out on the back.

I'm sorry for the out of focus pictures. I have not quite figured out this camera! Closeups seem to be a bit harder than I thought. I think you can see what I'm demonstrating tho. ( I HOPE).

Here is the rug I'm working on in my kitchen colors of red, yellow and blue. SOMEDAY it will live by the sink! In the mean time, I have a take along project just in time for baseball season. (yes we have already had tryouts...1st team meeting...and are up for the 2nd practice tonight. Ready or not, here it comes!) Spring training is in full swing here in AZ...and we had a high today of 80. We will enjoy it while it that means that HEAT is not too far behind.

Let me know if you need pictures of how to join the fabrics. The cotton yarn is just tied on to the canvas to start, then I tie it to itself and trim the ends real close.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

AHHH feeling better!

There is no better feeling..than GOOD after a day of feeling BAD! I woke up without a SMIDGEN of a headache. Spent the whole afternoon baking.

Two batches of for us and one for our neighbors. The husband is a firefighter. He always seems to come to my rescue ( pun intended) when MY husband is out of town. He loves my rolls so I try to make them for him once a month or so. One time he threatened to come trick or treating at my house for rolls! (they ARE yummy..and easy too in the bread maker) Last time Pat was gone, one of the smoke detectors started beeping...sending my one (wierdo) lab into hysterics. The ceiling in that room is about 11 ft and I don't DO 11 ft on a ladder! Mark came to my rescue or I would have had a black lab mix climbing my body all day!

After the rolls..and while I had the oven on, I decided to bake cookies. These originally were called Devil Dogs, BUT have been re-named by my husband's friends in high school PREGNANT OREOS :::grin:::: I'm sure they kept my mother in law busy baking these. When ever my husband would come home from college, they would have a party and ask her to make these for Pat to bring!Every once in a while they come out kind of flat tasting. My sister in law had that happen to her also, so its not just me. We have not figured out just what it is tho...old something. That and the fact that they dont' make too many in a batch are the only bad things about these! (and if you ask real nice..I might share the recipe...IF you will keep calling them Pregnant oreos.... makes me miss my mother in law.)

I have done a bit of sewing..I'm making a 2nd set of bargello just sewing strips so far. I watched a Cactus League baseball game YIPPPEEEE, a bit of Busch series racing (my fav owner's driver won...go Chip Ganassi racing!), Poirot, AND Midsomers murder mysteries. AHHH. It was a good day! Maybe a QUILT picture tomorrow. I am having trouble getting MOTIVATED to put borders on my HAD...someone poke me please!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Quiet Saturday

I am still here. I had such a stressful week, I'm just puttering around the house. Nothing earth shattering...laundry...washing some fabric...trying to stop spinning my wheels. I woke up with a DOOZY of a headache. Lunch Bunch was yesterday and I had alot of things to remember...topping that off was the late night I had on Wed. One of my kiddos had a medical incident. I don't sleep well for about a month after an ER trip. I'm sure the headache was the result of all that put together. I am feeling better this afternoon..but that niggling pain is still there.

On to better things! Yesterday while I was at Lunch Bunch, my husband came home from a trip...and workmen were awaiting his arrival. My new cooktop was installed when I got home! YIPPEEE! I really enjoy cooking...and I missed my cooktop! I had been with out one for about 2 months. It took us a long time to find ANY that fit the odd cut out shape in our granite! Take a tip from me....if you get a new countertop...get a new COOKTOP while you are at it! I wish I had done that last summer. I didn't think if it at the time as the cooktop was going strong. Ah live and learn! I think I will wander back and check on the dryer...and get back into the sewing room. :::grin::: I want to keep working on those borders on my HAD quilt. Thanks for stopping by...