Locker hooking continued

I had a request to show you how to put strips together, so here you go!

Here is one end of a strip. You do NOT have to trim those little corners off, but it does make it a bit smoother when you attach them together.

Fold the end back a bit on itself and cut a small slit. ½ inch to 3/4 inch is enough. I think a whole inch is a bit too much, but will work.

here are two ready to put together. I used two different colors so you can see better.

Place the new strip over the old strip with the slits lined up. Take the OTHER end of the new strip and put it thru slit under the old strip. Make sure there are no twist in the new strip (ask me how I know this!).

Pull the new strip all the way thru. When it gets all the way thru, keep tugging gently until it snugs up like this:

Now you can keep hooking. Sometimes that little "knot' comes up to the top. It just adds to the charm of the piece. If you dont' like this look, you can keep those knots on the back. Happy crafting! ( I just could not say...happy...hooking! LOLOL)


Anonymous said…
Thankyou kindly! and I would've understood if you'd said, "Happy Hooking!";)
kjquilts said…
Now look what you have gone and done! Your locker hooking intriqued me so I had to make a trip to Hobby Lobby and get some rug canvas and a hook. Now I'm a hooker!
Lelia said…
Until today, I'd never even heard of this before. Now my palms are itching to give it a try : )

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