Friday of spring break

Well..lets see...spring training game (HAILED out..yes..that is rain and dime sized hail. can you say SOAKED?) We only got to see about 3 innings before the heavens opened up. Not much of a warning either!...sprinkle ....sprinkle....DUMP! We had seats in the 2nd row right behind the Brewer's dugout too! Of course that meant that when it started raining hard, we were the LAST ones to get up the stairs. ::;sigh:::: I did get a glimpse of Craig Counsell. He has been one of my favorite players since he 1st signed with the Diamondbacks. Hard to see him in a different uniform. He didn't play before the game got called. The ground crew could not get the tarp on fast enough! I cannot remember the last time I have been that wet in clothes! Finally got one kiddo out of the house for glasses adjusted, new shoes (you could see his socks in two holes on one foot!), and a hair cut. WHEW! I finally got to sew a bit today. will go and finish up quilting on the charity quilt when I'm done posting. Rosalind asked about my frame.

You can see the frame from this picture. It is a B-line table top frame...think Handiquilter made of wood. It could be set up at a king size, but I dont' have the room to set it up in my studio. Those are IKEA dressers with about 2 inches shaved off the legs to get the right height for me...with a counter top ordered from Home Depot.

This is a closer picture of the machine I quilt with. It is a Juki TL98E. It has a thread cutter that I have disconnected as I kept hitting it on the remote button when I really wanted to start quilting! I also have a Quilters Cruise control (stitch regulator)(that is the black box you see on the carriage next to the Juki) and a Max Throat. The Max is a small motor at either end of the take up bar (the one that goes thru the throat of the sewing machine.) It automatically rolls that bar forward as the machine gets close to it. It allows me to quilt about twice what I could without it. I'm still working out some bugs on it, but it works better for me every time I try it. OK ..time to finish reading my mail and get back to sewing. I even cleaned the kitchen ...ALL of it! (mark your calendars!)

(boo hoo Vanderbilt lost!...:::::sniff sniff:::::


Not that I am an envious chick but...that quilting machine tests me!! Looks great, love the bgs, tutorial please! (I can't quite work out how you get the pocket.)

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