AHHH feeling better!

There is no better feeling..than GOOD after a day of feeling BAD! I woke up without a SMIDGEN of a headache. Spent the whole afternoon baking.

Two batches of rolls..one for us and one for our neighbors. The husband is a firefighter. He always seems to come to my rescue (ha..no pun intended) when MY husband is out of town. He loves my rolls so I try to make them for him once a month or so. One time he threatened to come trick or treating at my house for rolls! (they ARE yummy..and easy too in the bread maker) Last time Pat was gone, one of the smoke detectors started beeping...sending my one (wierdo) lab into hysterics. The ceiling in that room is about 11 ft and I don't DO 11 ft on a ladder! Mark came to my rescue or I would have had a black lab mix climbing my body all day!

After the rolls..and while I had the oven on, I decided to bake cookies. These originally were called Devil Dogs, BUT have been re-named by my husband's friends in high school PREGNANT OREOS :::grin:::: I'm sure they kept my mother in law busy baking these. When ever my husband would come home from college, they would have a party and ask her to make these for Pat to bring!Every once in a while they come out kind of flat tasting. My sister in law had that happen to her also, so its not just me. We have not figured out just what it is tho...old something. That and the fact that they dont' make too many in a batch are the only bad things about these! (and if you ask real nice..I might share the recipe...IF you will keep calling them Pregnant oreos.... makes me miss my mother in law.)

I have done a bit of sewing..I'm making a 2nd set of bargello placemats...so just sewing strips so far. I watched a Cactus League baseball game YIPPPEEEE, a bit of Busch series racing (my fav owner's driver won...go Chip Ganassi racing!), Poirot, AND Midsomers murder mysteries. AHHH. It was a good day! Maybe a QUILT picture tomorrow. I am having trouble getting MOTIVATED to put borders on my HAD...someone poke me please!


Nichole said…
Oh please share your recipes! Both the rolls and the prego-oreos (love that name!) look delicious and I would love to try them both. I've been after a really good bread machine roll recipe but haven't found one yet that I love. Love your quilts and your blog.
Barb said…
Hi Beth,

I so apologize for taking so long to come over here and thank you for visiting me.

My goodness, your rolls look absolutely wonderful. No wonder your husband disguises himself in Halloween costumes and knocks at the door! And you use your bread machine? I assume you make and knead the dough in the machine and then make the rolls by hand. They look wonderful.

I hope you'll visit again soon. I normally have better manners than this but things have been a tad nuts around here lately. LOL

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