I was having a hard time! We had no DSL for THREE DAYS! Top that off with a sick kiddo and a husband home...WHHOOOEEEE! The Qwest repairman came today...we are now the proud owners of a new modem!

Well, since I had little or no computer time, I got alot done quilting wise. I finished the Hour a day quilt top. Here is a picture of just the top.

I really love this quilt. I loaded a charity quilt on my frame...as a warm up for this one. I hope to have it quilted in the next day or so. I had some upgrades to install on the Max Throat and have not had the guts to try it out since then! If I feel the need to PIECE, I will do the backing for this. I have nothing picked out yet. Could be interesting! Thanks for the pattern Judy, I LOVE IT!


Mrs. Goodneedle said…
I've read a little about this, please tell me where I might find the HAD patterns/instructions! This is one incredibly gorgeous quilt! Great job!!
Mary said…
This looks great! I haven't played along with the last couple - too many other projects but this one tempts me so I'll put it on my list of quilts I'd like to make someday!
Outstanding! I wish I would of done this quilt. I have the pattern and will get to it someday.
Angie said…
Awesome job on the HAD quilt, Beth! Isn't it amazing how much more productive we could be if we stayed off of the computer?? LOL But not nearly as much fun!! :D
Elaine Adair said…
Such a pretty quilt! Wish I had done it. Brightr and fresh!
Brilliant! In more ways than one. Couldn't join in on this as had no computer! Cheers, Tracey
ForestJane said…
VERY nice! I love the contrasty colors you used.
Shelina said…
Sorry it's been so long since I've visited. Bloglines isn't good at updating, and I've been busy. I want to say that this quilt you made with Judy's pattern is gorgeous. I just love the blue checkerboard. The whole quilt is awesome!

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