Quiet Saturday

I am still here. I had such a stressful week, I'm just puttering around the house. Nothing earth shattering...laundry...washing some fabric...trying to stop spinning my wheels. I woke up with a DOOZY of a headache. Lunch Bunch was yesterday and I had alot of things to remember...topping that off was the late night I had on Wed. One of my kiddos had a medical incident. I don't sleep well for about a month after an ER trip. I'm sure the headache was the result of all that put together. I am feeling better this afternoon..but that niggling pain is still there.

On to better things! Yesterday while I was at Lunch Bunch, my husband came home from a trip...and workmen were awaiting his arrival. My new cooktop was installed when I got home! YIPPEEE! I really enjoy cooking...and I missed my cooktop! I had been with out one for about 2 months. It took us a long time to find ANY that fit the odd cut out shape in our granite! Take a tip from me....if you get a new countertop...get a new COOKTOP while you are at it! I wish I had done that last summer. I didn't think if it at the time as the cooktop was going strong. Ah well...you live and learn! I think I will wander back and check on the dryer...and get back into the sewing room. :::grin::: I want to keep working on those borders on my HAD quilt. Thanks for stopping by...


Angie said…
Hey girlfriend, I'm so sorry to hear that you've had a stressful week, an ER emergency with the kido, and an onerous headache. Glad you at least had a brief interlude of fun with the Lunch Bunch. :) And some time in the sewing room...:D Now you can start working some of your stress off doing some cooking again! I would really miss mine if I had to do without it cause I too really enjoy cooking. Take it easy, have some sewing and cooking therapy, and then rest some too! :) I'm thinking of you. :D

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