As usual, Pickles says it all. My husband concurs!


That is so funny. I have vivid memories of my grandpa sitting in the parking lot, patiently waiting for Grandma to do her fabric shopping. What a self-sacrificing hero!

So nice to meet you here - love all your projects. I've made one quilt in my entire life - a baby one with 9, 13" squares. That shows you what a novice I am. It was very fun, but I believe it was about 4 years ago! You inspire!
Linda_J said…
I thought you might post this! DJ didn't waste any time pointing out the strip to me. Gotta love Earl and Opal.
Conni Lu said…
I loved this. Checked our paper for it but I guess it doesn't run in our local papers so I'm glad you shared.
swooze said…

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