drawstring bag

I wanted to post a picture of this quick cute drawstring bag earlier...BUT ..it was a birthday present for a friend who reads this blog. Her big day (yes following in my footsteps...enuf said) was Thursday, so now I'm free to post pictures!

Here is the birthday bag. It is made out of Mary Englebreit fabric. The lining is red with black polka dots.

The scissors show you where there is a small envelope like pocket on the front and back. They only take 2 (18 inch) squares of fabric and a yard and a half of cording or narrow ribbon.

This is the one my beginner sewer made for her sister. It took her about 45 mins for the 1st one and less for her 2nd.

All of these bags I put a button on the little flap on the pocket. of COURSE I forgot to take more pictures! We were too excited to GIVE them!


Angie said…
What a cute, cute bag, Beth! What a lucky friend you have, too!! LOL I've been outside all week and haven't sewn a stitch. :)
Sweet P said…
Those are cute bags. Did you make one for you?
What a cute bag, Beth! Can I be your friend? I want one????? LOL
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
"Cute" seems to be the definitive description... what a wonderful gift! Great job!
Carole said…
What a cute little bag! Beth, just a quick reminder, yy birthday is in Nov ;o)! LOL Thanks for sharing!
Patti said…
What cute little bags - and what a great gift!

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