I'm worn OUT!

I got to go to the Arizona Quilt Guild's yearly show today. I was in DESPERATE need of some fabric therapy! I didn't go over board, but after having sickos (son for 3 days, then husband for 24 hrs or so) all week...let me assure you it was NECESSARY! I took a friend of some online buddies from AOL chat with me. She uses a wheel chair and oxygen..not a problem, just a bit more of a challenge. Luckily it was sunny and not horribly hot. I did think to bring a cooler with bottled water and some damp COLD washcloths. They sure felt good before that car cooled off!

Here is what I have been working on this week. I'm JAZZED to be quilting again! My favorite quilt shop had put the request out to its customers for orphan blocks. (for those non-quilters out there...(yes I mean YOU TWO NIECES!!! You thought I didn't know you read my blog...hehehehehehehe) orphan blocks are blocks that for one reason or another have been left over. Sometimes they are not right color wise, the wrong size, just didn't piece well or there were too many. For whatever reason, quilters HATE to get rid of these!) This is actually a top that someone pieced. I'm not sure if the top had been donated or blocks and someone pieced it. At any rate, I offered to quilt it...and there it SAT. I added the green border....it will have a small pinky peach insert at the binding that will be the same green. The back ground is the green and a yellow floral I had left over. I tried Mary's method for piecing a off center 4 patch backing...but the fabrics I used were not selvedge to selvedge...so the one color does not meet in the middle. I will decide after I have it all quilted and bound if I will show it to you.

Here is a close up of a bit of the quilting. I'm just doing a free hand daisy then a loop-de-loop. The fabric is sweet and kind of old fashioned. I didn't want to do too much, just enought to keep it together. I am pretty happy with the design and my thread tension. Maybe I will get to put the binding on it later. The binding and the insert are all ready to go. Gee, I'm glad I did that first!

Family all feeling well again
ICE on a hot day!
Lots of quilters with imaginations!
Glad to be done with my pity party of last night...ick

I purchased a new pantograph today (quilting design on paper to be followed with a stylus on the quilt frame) and I would have bought more if they had the other two I have had my eye on. No luck with that so I will order them online.


I really need a longarmer, my machine quilting is basic and hand almost non-existent. That freehand flowere looks beautiful. Pleased you enjoyed your quit show. Tracey
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
There's nothing like the inspiration gained from attending a show... all those FINISHED quilts! Glad you enjoyed yourself.
Beth said…
Glad you had fun!

Hey, I got "brilliant" and deleted my blog! Here's my new url:

http://thejuryisstillout.blogspot.com. I'm such a bone head!
Rosalind said…
Wow sounds like a great day!! The quilt you had on the frame is gorgeous:).

I love the daisy and loopy loo. You mention Panto's. . . . do you have a longarm???

Inquiring mind wanna know;)!!

A.K.A. Rockycamp
Helen in the UK said…
Love your little daisy quilting motif - so cute! I really envy your quilting setup too - wish I had the room to have something like that :)
Mary said…
I don't always have my centers meet either - I like to load a quilt with the selvage edges intact so if I make my centers meet then I have to square up the backing. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't.

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