Friday, October 22, 2010


Well....DRAT! I have been hard at work on a project I cannot share yet...and YET...I COULD have found other things to take pictures of, IF I had not left my camera at our son's house. We had a huge hail storm about a week and a half ago. His house is ...well OUR house. We just let him live in exchange for some money once a month! They lost 2 windows in the golf ball- baseball sized hail. It was amazing...and I know you would have liked pictures...but know...I left the camera there! Took me almost a week to realize #1. it was not in THIS House. #2. I didn't LOSE it..and #3. WHERE I left it. Then I never went that way to pick it up...OR I was over that way, but I knew the whole house was sleeping. Do you think they would notice if I let myself in, tiptoed across the living room and took back my camera? I didn't want to scare there it sits. Anyway, I'm working on something I cannot show you I will post THAT when I can.

How did you like that round about way of me saying I have no pictures to post!? I get wordy like that...ask my friend Julie No Blog. She is the best listener I know. :-D

Oh, and thanks for the nice comments on my last rant. Funny thing..the lady who made the snide comment on my quilt at the shop in front of the owner? I could not make it to quilt guild chapter meeting that night...that was the hail night. I was in line buying plywood to cover the windows. Good thing...I might not have been very....cordial. Hehehehehe...

Off to a soccer tournament this weekend. I may or may not have my camera with me. ....grin.....

Saturday, October 09, 2010


Guess its been awhile since I posted hasn't it? Soccer has been kind of intense this season. Since Sports guy is in high school now, they cannot play on a club team during the high school season. Less games you say? NOOOOO! Same amt of games in aLOT smaller amt of time. That adds up to two games every weekend AND out of town tournaments...AND practice 3 nights a week. (oh..and did I mention he is working out with the high school soccer and baseball teams too?)

Ok, how do YOU deal with clueless tactless people? I tend to be exasperated...and try to be nice, but I'm getting crabbier as I age. I was at a new quilt shop, showing off a couple quilts I wanted to teach. I have met the new owner when she worked at another area shop, so we are not totally new to each other. BUT, I'm still wanting to make a good impression. A lady from my quild chapter, who I know, but am SURE she has NO CLUE what my name is, over heard me tell the owner the pattern name of one of the quilts. (we were moving them off the cutting table and heading for the classroom/office to spread out). 'Oh, I have been having trouble with my 'fillin the blank name of pattern'.' She took ONE look at mine as as she turned around to leave left this parting remark "OH, that is not nearly as cute as the one in the pattern"
...............................................................................................................................................................................(this is me being speechless!) I TOTALLY get that we all have our own sense of what we like...what we don't like...and what we get immersed in what WE think is important, but COME ON! Luckily for me , the sweet shop owner said something like, 'well I think its cute'...and we went on from there...I normally would just wave something like that off. However, this certain lady, has done this numerous times to me... and as I would suspect to others.

Then this morning, I ran into the grocery store for bread. My husband likes cappucinos occasionally, so I thought I would order it, then go get the bread. By the time I paid for the bread, the coffee would be ready to go. BAD IDEA. There was a lady standing by the cash register. She had obviously paid for her drink and instead of moving down to the end, where they put the drinks, she was still by the case register. problem. She sees me..and moves down the way. I move up to the register, but not all the way with my tummy on the counter. She is pawing thru a barrel of sale priced coffee mugs...brings 2 to the counter and pushes in front of me. Never asking my permission..she asks the barista 'can I pay for this?' then she goes back and forth asking the barista her opinion on which mug she likes better. After 2 are rung up...she changes her mind...TWICE..and they have to wait for a manager for an override. I walked the bread...waited in a 6 person line...and when I got back, she was JUST leaving Starbucks. I did get my sweet husband his cappucion, but I was MAJORLY irked.

I think the think that gets me the most is that I have been in both of those situations before. I would NEVER push in front of someone. I have found things I wanted at Starbucks, after paying for my coffee..and I get in the BACK of the line..even if the line is just ONE PERSON! And about quilts...I would be mortified if I had worked hard on a quilt only to overhear someone cut it to smithereens at a quilt show. It may not be my color choices...or style..or what EVER, but I still try to find something to praise. You just never know who is near you when you spout your opinion. I try to keep the rest to myself...or take a picture and talk about it with a PRIVATE. That thoughtless woman could have cost me the chance to teach at that shop at all.

I think I feel better now. I think maybe the 'Mom's Night Out' with the soccer moms last night helped...a bit of wine..some food...and who knew the coach's wife was such a Kareoke Queen!? She knew all the words to Rappers Delight! Thats alot of words!