Wednesday, August 29, 2012

calendar check

Can you check something for me? What day of the week does it say on  your calendar? I SWORE it was Wednesday...but after the morning I had, it HAS to be Monday!!

It started out like a Wednesday. I double checked that Sports Guy was up, poured myself a cup of coffee and got dressed. We headed out the door for the drive to school...but by the time we got to the school parking lot, I was NOT convinced it was Wednesday after all. Sports Guy had forgotten his school ID. No ID, no admittance. I understand the security issue..and hey, high school is a practice ground for life, right? OK, try to get OUT of the parking lot to run home to GET it. I, as a rule, try to let out at LEAST 4-5 cars in my daily trek to and from school in the morning. The one morning, I NEED to get out..not ONE driver would even look me in the EYE. Sports guy was coming unglued.
 Finally I was able to force my way to turn left and we were off. On the way, to school , I had heard a funny noise I thought was coming from a tire. I stopped to check , even tho the 'low tire pressure' light was not on. I'm not messing with flat tires. Nope, no tire prob... So, when we hit home again, I was NOT going to drive that car. There were two other, gassed up, ready to go vehicles. So I chose another: my husbands car. I dashed in , while the ID was being retrieved, to get his remote. Back to the car...remote does not work. Another dash to get the 2nd remote, back out. Start to drive away, when I notice there are newspapers streaming from the back of THIS car. SLAP forehead..I put it there to get it when I got go with the 2nd cup of coffee. Stop the car, take the paper off the trunk and stash it on the back seat. FINALLY get back to school ,where I have to sign him in because NOW he is late.  Drive home AGAIN..and pick up the newspapers strewn all over the street in front of my house. (poor DH..had to read the paper with tire tracks on it!)

Luckily for me, I had a hair appt this morning (that I REMEMBERED! YIPPPEEEE). I am FEELING better...but are you SURE its Wednesday? SIGH

PS the funny tire noise was coming from a hunk of garbage that had attached itself to my front passenger side tire. Its scraped off harm no foul. But it DID add a layer onto a hectic morning. UGH!

I think I will go sew. There are leftovers in the fridge (read: no cooking tonight!) and its my DH turn to squire the Sports Guy to soccer practice. AHHHH...

Monday, August 27, 2012

Design Wall Monday Aug 27, 2012

Can you believe we are in the last week of August ALREADY? Well, I can! Drew has started his 3rd full week of school..and none too soon for me. That kid was getting BORED!

Here is what I am working on this week:

On  the design wall is a baby quilt with a camping/out door theme, lots of orphan/UFO blocks (the feathered star, sq with in a sq and Night and Day), and a couple blocks from the Christmas Town Sampler. I have more that are in various stages. They are just not quite done and ready for hang up.
This is a tote I am making for me. All that is left is the binding around the outside edges. I will
use that as a take along project for the week.

Here is a close up of the pocket. I looked and looked for pre-quilted fabric. There is not much out there and it ALL looks alike. I have had this crossword quilt fabric for a long time. It will probably make it into a vest (I collect vest fab...but dont' make many vests!), but it was perfect for the pocket.
The green dot came from Hobby Lobby and I quilted it all on Lucy. She did a very nice job! I just followed the lines of the crosswords, and then cut out the pieces when I was done. The green is quilted in my version of Judi's Feather swirl. To see a video tutorial, head over to The Green Fairy.
Thanks for visiting today and be sure to head over to Design Wall Monday at Judy L's to see what everyone else has been up to!

Friday, August 17, 2012

a quick baby quilt

One of my daughter's best friends from high school is expecting a baby boy! This is her 1st and her parents 1st grandbaby. What an exciting time! I am pondering a quilt (what ELSE did you expect!) Just a cute quick usable quilt. They are doing something woodsy, plaid,outdoors I was told. Look at the cute fabric I found!

Here is what I have started with. All suggestions are welcome. I have a darker green than is shown for the green. I have to stash dive for the dark blue 1st border and the brown (or tan).


Here is #3. I have had it done for over a week and keep forgetting to post a picture. I am still slogging thru #4. I think I almost have it. Maybe it needs to be FRAMED when I'm done!

Thursday, August 09, 2012

a morning's work

I have had this book a couple months. I love the blocks, but I have to admit, I'm not REALLY a huge paper piecer. I had tried a small one for my Dear Jane quilt, and failed miserably. That block was SO tiny...

and as you can see, this needle has small pieces near the eye as well. I traced it on regular
wrapping tissue paper. I really like it! It is still 'fiddly' and I probably wont' paper piece all the time.

but I really like the out comes so far. These are destined to be a thread roll. I have been enjoying more hand applique and wanted something better to hold my supplies. This will be on the outside. I"m still working on ideas for the inside. Something to hold either spools or bobbins. Anyone know if you can thread a bobbin from a diff machine? The Bernina bobbins are WAY too pricey to have one for every silk thread I 'want' to own. I was wondering if I could purchase something cheaper and still be able to wind them on my DSM? I also have a bobbin winder, but I think that is specific to my long arm bobbins. I will have to check that out too! I'm off to eat lunch..I'm STARVED! Then back to the sewing studio. I think I need something for the afternoon that needs less ironing. Our electric rates go WAY up after 1pm. I try to use the iron and dryer SPARINGLY till it goes back down at 8pm.

See you later!

Quilt-a-long Thursday!

Well, I have eaten breakfast, picked up after the dogs, emptied the dish drainer, turned off the coffee pot...and I'm ready to SEW!
Yesterday was the 1st day of school (yes..I KNOW its even earlier than our kids USUALLY start..not sure if I'm happy or crabby...:-D ) and our temps have been MORE than sweltering. This time of year finds us more humid, but usually the temps are hovering around the low 100s. NOT this year. Yesterday was 117! Judy over at Patchwork Times is having a Quilt-a-long starting today. I think I will join in! I am working on cleaning up the sewing no starts..but LOTS to work on ..and the Olympics to watch. HEAVEN! I will take a few short breaks to load some laundry. I am also still working on my kitchen. Did you know the best way to clean out your cabinents in a BIG FAT HURRY? ANTS! NOT what I had planned..but there it is. We really have very few bugs here...but I DO get ants about once a summer. In the same spot...bug man comes..sprays 'em..and I'm good to go. This time there was a bit of a delay as he was working in another part of the valley.

Do you know what you get when you empty out some shelves?

                                                                      you get THIS:
                                                             An island that looks like it was
                                                                         BOMBED! lol
                                          Its almost all put away now..but I had to WASH it all too. I'm not
                                        quite as good of a housekeeper as I pride myself on. (I'm not very
                                      much of a perfectionist, but I do work on it everyday!)
                                            I hope to be back later to show you what I'm working on.
                                               Stay cool!