Sunday, December 31, 2006


I have been looking for FOUR days for the cord for my camera. I have pictures to upload and no way to upload them! Here is a picture of my 'clan' on the 27th. We celebrate a birthday on the 26th(youngest son) and an anniversary on the 28th(parents 51st) the 27th is a great day to gather! Included with us is our older son's girlfriend~ we feel like she is family already!

I have had some 'ah HA' moments the past couple of is the 1st: Got any batting scraps? Got ornaments to pack?...see the connection!? I have felt guilty in the past just pitching those scraps out. Between saving for dog beds for the pound and packing up holiday ornaments, I have found them a HOME...and its NOT in the trash!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

more SCRAPS!

Look what I found!!!??? I have done this for YEARS. I keep all my small pieces of wrapping paper for use on NEXT year's stocking stuffers. Geeze...not just FABRIC I'm into PAPER scraps! Teehee...I think I will dump this lot and start over next year. Just as with my fabric scraps..THERE WILL BE MORE!

Thanks Tracey for letting me know that my post didn't "post"...Darn Blogger! I'm off to putter around the sewing dad is helping me hang some lights over my cutting table (I BOUGHT them a YEAR ago at IKEA and just could not figure out how to hang them. Dad suggested a track so I can move them if I like. I KNEW there was a reason we invited him to Christmas. HA!)Happy New Year!

I REALLY tried to get a picture of these rolls BEFORE my family found them..but to no avail! We used to have a tradition of having Krispy Kreme doughnuts for Christmas dinner but this past year found all of them in the State of Arizona closed. So we tried just regular doughnuts,but these cinnamon rolls beat them hands down. Good thing I make them rarely...I would eat them ALL.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday...Christmas for us...and we are still waiting for our airline employee to fly in soon. I'm hoping to find some time in my sewing room soon...I need some time to ME!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


You have to know, that in THIS part of Arizona ( I'm not sure about up north), rhubarb is NOT grown. If I even SEE it, I usually buy some. Now I'm not a HUGE pie maker, but after 25 yrs of marriage, I had NO idea that my husband liked rhubarb! I had made a strawberry rhubarb pie just to try it out while he was on a business trip. I thought he was going to come thru the PHONE when I told him. I LOVE RHUBARB he learn something new everyday! Well, I have been TOLD that this is NOT fresh rhubarb season (seems it is picked in the spring). I have been searching for about a month for frozen. Today a friend and I were having breakfast at Village Inn. They have pies you can I did...strawberry rhubarb. I told the cashier I have had trouble finding rhubarb...she called her husband who is a manager for a locally owned grocery chain. They HAVE IT! I was so excited you would have thought I had won the lottery! I guess it takes so little to make me happy!

Sunday, December 17, 2006


Well I have been busy..but nothing to show for it! (at least not to you!) Our daughter was in charge of the squadron Christmas party. She volunteered for it (but not NEXT yr). She was kinda desperate for door prizes early in the week, so I offered her a table runner I was almost finished with. She accepted the next day and I went into overdrive. Now I have to tell you, I'm mailing impaired...and I finished this UFO table runner AND mailed it in the same day. (I was SO proud of myself!) I did a booboo tho ...I forgot to take a picture of it to post here and to put in my quilt journal :::sigh:::: One of her big bosses won it she got GOOD brownie points. He might just let her borrow it to take a picture of!

I hope you are all enjoying the season. I kinda wish we had snow here in this part of Arizona. I remember from growing up the hush when there is snow.

I have enjoyed getting to know some of my new blog friends. I have not been blogging long, but it is part of my day now! If I don't get to read all your blogs this week...Happy New year!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Does anyone else have an animal that likes odd foods? This is my only cat, Rags (actually Ragamuffin...she looked like a pile of rags when I got her as a kitten). She is getting to be an old lady so I indulge her by letting her lounge where she pleases. She is napping on my husband's anniversary quilt top. I pieced it in 2005 (our 25th anniversary year) and have yet to quilt it. In my defense, I don't hand quilt and my machine frame is not wide enought to handle it. I just found out on Friday, a long armer I know will be purchasing another long arm to rent...SOOOOO I will take her class and try it out. I am hankering for one myself, and this will be a great way to see if I can handle it!...back to Rags. She LOVES lettuce! When I get out all the sandwich fixings...she trots in and PARKS herself right where I can see her. Usually she is rewarded...BUT..she will NOT eat it off the floor or a plate...NOOO Miss High and Mighty needs it HELD UP for her! She DOES eat it for about 20-30 seconds I stand there hunched over...holding up a piece of lettuce. Then I get bored and hungry, and she is on her own. We had a cat when I was growing up that loved peas...he liked to bat them around like a soccer ball..then scarf it up and look for more. Silly felines...

Will you LOOK at this mess? My son decided that the new tree in the family room was HIS to decorate. Fine...great idea. HOWEVER, when he didn't see the ornaments he wanted right away..he pulled out all the organizers and made this MESS for me to untangle. ICK! I am tackling it 10 ornaments at a whack. Easier done in small bites...

Saturday, December 09, 2006

A Very Quilty day!

Out of the funk...into the RUSH! My small group had our Christmas potluck...including a gift exchange. We finished up the hand work on a binding for a member who had been ill. Here is a picture of it with my friend peeking around it! She is glad to be back and she was MISSED! The block is the Twist block.Each member made 2 blocks...centers embellished makers choice. I SID and put the binding on..then we all did the hand work together...around the quilt frame style.

I also sent off a baby quilt ( WAAAAY over due..) no pic as I didn't like it so much. Not the pattern ( that one is about the 10th time I've used that), just my fabric choices and placement. Same pattern as the pinwheel quilt.. Then in the evening it was time for the monthly BYOP (Bring Your Own Project) at my favorite quilt shop. I finished applying the binding on Mom's placemats ...3 to hand bind...

and pieced this table runner before I headed home.(close up when I get it layered or quilted) Needless to say I slept HARD last night! My darling husband put up the living room tree and I crept in while everyone was snoozing to see the lights twinkling! Wasn't that nice of him?

Today I dove into a pile of laundry...and for one VERY BRIEF shining moment...ALL the laundry hampers were EMPTY. THAT didnt' last long! HA! I also wanted to capitalise on my momentum of worked on quilting a UFO table runner. My machine has decided to EAT both brands of invisible thread I own. Off to find a match of REGULAR thread.

I hope you are all enjoying the season. My family will all be here on Christmas Day. My husband won't be home till dinner time, but that in itself is wonderful! He has missed the past 2 Christmases. My parents, daughter who lives a long way away, and the rest of us that live in town will all be here...I really don't care about presents (altho I have already received a couple I REALLY like!)..but I'm ready for the dinner table...pumpkin pie...playing games...enjoying the family's company. And the BEST presents? THOSE are the ones that are not EVEN wrappable...a hug from one son who usually locks horns with me. Son #1 having a full schedule of college classes next semester PAID for...all his OWN doing. Our daughter, enjoying her new job and feeling successful at it. My parents health after a scare in October. And the birth of a Savior... Amazing!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Well, I'm hopeful that my funk is a thing of the past. The wall hanging for the kids is almost finished (maybe a picture before I go to bed) and my husband will help me layer the quilt that I will quilt tomorrow. (Hopeful it will go smoothly as I want to bind in on Thursday!) Pics of that too...Maybe of the gift giving. It is for a lady in my Lunch Bunch who has been sick. It is WAAAYYY overdue..but we will all be together for our annual Lunch Bunch Potluck. Good time to give it to her!

I'm on my way to eat dinner...tonights fare is shredded beef tacos! My friend told me she does a tri-tip roast (that is a cut that is not found all over the country..not QUITE sure what it is..but its YUMMY!) in the crock pot with a cup of salsa and a bottle of beer! I can tell you the aroma has driven me CRAZY this afternoon! See you later with a picture..that is my GOAL....:::very big grin::::

Sunday, December 03, 2006

well, I guess my funk was not over. I spent Friday shopping and running errands. I was in a good mood...for awhile. Then I noticed when I smiled at a shopper...I got dirty looks! One nice lady smiled at was the first time ALL DAY. I know that the holidays are not easy for alot of people. I was not being too perky....or loud...or chatty. Come to think of it, I must have been SICK! HA!

Saturday and Sunday I have spent doing mostly nothing. I did a bit of sewing on Sat. Today I tried to get backing for the school kids wall hanging, only to discover that store is closed on Sunday (how refreshing). Now I either have to piece the backing (ick ick ick) or wait. I want to get it done off I go to piece backing. Hope that will cause the logjam of my energy and drive to get me GOING. I hope to take pictures of BOTH wall hangings the kids made. see you tomorrow...and sleep tight!