You have to know, that in THIS part of Arizona ( I'm not sure about up north), rhubarb is NOT grown. If I even SEE it, I usually buy some. Now I'm not a HUGE pie maker, but after 25 yrs of marriage, I had NO idea that my husband liked rhubarb! I had made a strawberry rhubarb pie just to try it out while he was on a business trip. I thought he was going to come thru the PHONE when I told him. I LOVE RHUBARB he says...hm...ya learn something new everyday! Well, I have been TOLD that this is NOT fresh rhubarb season (seems it is picked in the spring). I have been searching for about a month for frozen. Today a friend and I were having breakfast at Village Inn. They have pies you can order..so I did...strawberry rhubarb. I told the cashier I have had trouble finding rhubarb...she called her husband who is a manager for a locally owned grocery chain. They HAVE IT! I was so excited you would have thought I had won the lottery! I guess it takes so little to make me happy!


Anonymous said…
I would love to find some rhubarb,, fresh or frozen. Got a couple of good recipes for pie--a custardy one that is from my SIL's aunt is particularly, yummy!

When I go back to IL in late May often the fresh asparagus is out as in the rhubarb--if I hit it right can bring some home with me.
A lot of Rhubarb grown around here. I had a boyfriend once who was a farmer and had a rhubarb plant in his little garden. It had died off a little and I was bored visiting him while he was out checking stock so I trimmed it back and threw it over the fence to the rams. I didn't know it can be toxic and he lost at least one ram. Funny how I never ended up with him!
Becky said…
I saw your comment on my blog and was checking yours out. Funny you should mention rhubarb, I just ordered one from village inn myself. I have never eaten it myself since I am a native of Phoenix and it is not terribly popular here, but my husbands family likes it. Btw I am a nurse too.

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