Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Stash busting report

GEE..if I had posted when I SHOULD have..this would have looked GOOD! Today on my way to get my hair cut, I stopped at Quiltz. OH DEAR! I had birthday money...now I have NONE! rotlf

the haul was:
a T-shirt book, spool of Aurofil (not true grey...but on SALE ..and pale blue!),FQ of cacti (for an I Spy that will be due up next), 1/2 yd of stripe for binding on the pioneer braid baby quilt, a remnant of a wide backing (hoping it will fit my next QOV),

and TWO Jelly Rolls! ::::BIG TOOTHY GRIN!)
The rainbow one is ...well..I'm a sucker for all those colors together! The red/white/blue one is destined to be QOV...I have a Jelly roll book I'm hankering to dive into! OK..enough beating myself up! back to work getting my UFOs done..so I can stash bust again and not be TEMPTED!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


And I thought I had slipped thru the net!

Here are the rules : ( and its a RULE to post the RULES...see # 2!!)

1. Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.
2. Post THE RULES on your blog.
3. Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog.
4. Tag 7 people and link to them.
5. Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged

Some of this stuff you may know about me! Julie...that meants YOU! HA!

1. I have lived in 3 countries in my life : 2 ½ years in Taiwan in the 60s (BOY does that DATE ME!!), 5 years in Spain in the early 80s...and of course the good 'ole US of A! Both other stays were complements of the US Air Force. Taiwan with my family...and Spain with my newlywed (at the TIME) husband...

2. We have 3 children: a daughter who is an AF pilot, a son who wants to study to be a nurse, and a son who was adopted at 4 months from Korea. They are all SO different!
It is fun to see how they progress....let me REPHRASE that! SOMETIMES its fun to see how they progress! Each has their challenges, strengths, senses of humor. And I love each one the best!

3. I am an AZ Diamondback baseball FAN...AHEM..that is short for FANATIC! My husband will call me from out of town to see just what I'm up to. "HONEY! You will have to call me BACK! I'm SEWING and watching the D-BACKS!!!" We don't have season tickets....YET! I think I will ask for them the year our youngest goes off to college. (HE is a RED SOX fan and will NOT accompany me to games unless he wants to see the visiting team! ::::SIGH::::) Stay tuned to this station for a baseball addition to my family room. The idea is still percolating in my brain.

4. I don't like avocados/guacamole or sour cream. ick... I DO like liverwurst and liver and onions. Don't get them very often tho.

5.The next animal I get will be a Westie. I have wanted one for YEARS. I promised my husband I would limit myself to 2 dogs..and we HAVE 2 dogs. My 'terrorist' I MEAN terrier is preparing me for life with a West Highland White terrier. I will do my homework and try to get a rescue tho...

6. I have OVER 40 UFOS. That is a matter of PRIDE! Heck...I don't have 100! Sheesh...you would think that 40 UFOs is a CRIME or something....

7.I met my husband on a blind date. We married 3 years plus one day later. He was at the AF Academy and we were set up by his squadron's active duty advisor. The advisor had worked with my dad when I was in high school. I even baby sat their kids once or twice. My DH almost said no to the date..his parents were in town. He thought he would not have time for a date too. His roommate said "you should take her out. She is from out of town, so if she is a DOG, you dont' have to take her out again" You know, I actually still love that guy! If not for him, I would not have even MET my DH! Thanks Jack!

8. I know..I KNOW! The RULES say 7....too BAD! You get EIGHT! Lucky you!...I'm not an Elizabeth...JUST Beth. I had no middle name till I got married..now I use my maiden name for my middle initial. good THING too! My initials are BKS...do the math! HA!

OK...Now that you are SORRY I got tagged...consider yourSELF tagged...IF you have a blog and have not been pre-tagged! Thanks Suzan for the tag!

Monday, February 18, 2008


YIPPPEEE! Gee I'm glad all that quilting is DONE! What a labor of love...remind me NOT to start quilting that small again! WHEW!

I used Mary's green double 4 patch as an inspiration for this quilt.
The border idea came from Judy L's old Hour a day quilts.

Mary also supplied the idea for the off center 4 patch backing. Next time I will make is MORE off center...

one last look at the quilting. I feel much better about my free motion! Now if I can just get a panto or two under control! A BIG thank you to Mary and Judy. I think this will make a great QOV! Now to get something else on the frame...PRONTO!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

dogs, Dogs, DOGS!

I watched the end of the Westminster dog show. I have a friend who had a Golden Retriever who showed....he didn't make it to the Best in Breed, but he is LOVELY.

I found this book yesterday. I had seen it last fall,poking around with my DD on vacation. I didn't buy it then..but have been looking for it ever since! I have had fun poking thru looking at all the "heinz 57' dogs.
Speaking of dogs...can you believe THIS "angel" ...innocent... Can open
THIS? with no help? All he has to to is scratch the handle and lean in. THEN he cannot get OUT! The other day my DH was on the computer...went into our bedroom to get something. Found this INNOCENT on the BED ( a BIG NO NO in our house!) with his HEAD on my DH's PILLOW! (Can you guess which one of us does NOT boss the dogs around???)
NOW, this is the doorknob on our bedroom door! I don't think he can get this open...cross your fingers!

Happy Tuesday!

Well, it MAY just be a Tuesday to YOU..but its MY birthday! My husband and son are skiing in Colorado (think I can milk THAT for something????!?). I have had a nice quiet day...and I enjoyed it too! I started out taking the kiddo to the orthodontist..then out to breakfast after I dropped him off at school. A couple of coffee buddies and a quilty friend~ we had fun! Home to sew...look what was waiting at home!

My sweet husband didn't forget! I am glad he is able to spend time with our son. He has had a hard year...good to have some 'dad' time!
I'm about to finish up a WHOLE cone of King Tut! Glad I bought a new one at Road to CA!
AND I'm about to run out of Aurofil too! Kinda amazing ...two spools empty on the same day! I hope to finish up quilting the QOV tonight...kinda a gift to myself.

I have some more to post..but SOMEONE (can't be the dog/cat/husband/older ds) is breathing down my neck to get on the computer..it will have to wait till tomorrow morning!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Stash busting report

I DID it! I have not bought anything this week..not EVEN a spool of thread. AND..the BIGGER deal? I didnt' START anything new either! :::patting self on the back::::

I did:
~finish piecing the backing for the pastel baby bargello
~kept working on pioneer braid and the quilting on R/W/B on the frame
~stuffed and delivered 3 dog beds to the rescue ...along with about 4 others someone gave me to deliver.
~ started working on the studio closet. My DH took one door off..so I can access most of the fabric. The next step is the other two doors. THEN I can open all the wire drawers ...and get IN them!

I promise pictures when there is more of a difference!

Off to quilt! Happy Sunday...

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

no sewing ...YET!

This morning I did this:

And it took me about 1 1/2 hours! I have NEVER waited that long! Seems they closed another voting place..and sent all THOSE voters over to ours. GEE! I would volunteer ..if people didn't have to wait that long!
Then I did this:

I feel better! (that GOLF club on the floor is NOT MINE...and I have NO IDEA why its in my LIVING ROOM!)

Now I'm off to do THIS:

Doesn't that machine look LONELY!!?? I will have to remedy that! I'm almost done with the pioneer braid border. Then I will start piecing backings for all 3 baby quilts...and planning bindings.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sunday stash report

I did MUCH better this week...

no fabric purchases
I worked on the 3 baby quilts (two tops done, one to go)
worked today on a UFO

I DID recieve fabric from my Lunch Bunch. We give FQ for birthdays and mine is before the next meeting, so I got fabric as a gift on Friday. HOWEVER! I have to tell you, I left my FAVORITE quilt shop in the world with : 2 cards of bobbins, a 120 inch tape measure and A book. I think I'm sick...I don't think I have EVER gotten out of there with out SOME small piece of purchased fabric! :::feeling pretty SMUG:::: Sorry about no pictures...I will try tomorrow. Only thing I took pictures of was the lentil soup! After I took the picture...decided it was not 'photo worthy'! Maybe tomorrow...

I thought I was gonna sleep IN!

OK, by 7:30 I had:

showered and dressed
made waffle batter
made the WHOLE BATCH (bowl was scraped EMPTY)
filled and started the dishwasher/cleared the table
let the dogs in and out, and one dog in and out and in and out and in and OUT!
found an umbrella (that was RIGHT where I said it was)
sent my DH DS and friend off to the golf tournament.

I REALLY want a Starbucks, just not sure if I want to see if there is already TRAFFIC over there...I guess I will skip it. Maybe a trip to the grocery ...I need ham for my lentil soup (DH request for after golf...its gonna rain...)

and THEN I am going to SEW..oh listen to the sermon (online...NO TRAFFIC!) and do laundry. WHEW I'm tired already!

Look what I got in the mail yesterday! I LOVE this place..they have the prettiest batiks (even wide backs and flannel batik). I liked this purse, but not the fabrics they had packaged with them. I was able to pick my fabrics and they packaged it to me...VOILA! mail!Isn't the varigated YUMMY! The pattern is from ByAnnie.

I will be back later if I have anything to SHOW. GO PATRIOTS! ( I have to say that or my son will disown me!)

Saturday, February 02, 2008

its a ZOO out there today!

No quilty stuff to report today. My son HAD to see his friend play basketball..then a dash to HIS game...then home..then off to soccer. Son came TEARING in the house ..."MOM MOM COME QUICK" My heart sinking. I'm thinking his friends little brother broke something in the back yard...like an arm or leg! " MOM and bring your CAMERA!"...OK..heart calming down...its not a MEDICAL emergency! and HERE is what he saw:

Can you read what it says?

LUCKY for me, my son is a HUGE Patriot fan! Now I'm staying HOME to cocoon...homemade soup and rolls for dinner tomorrow! And I'm staying home to sew. I will be joining the Scrappy Bargello challenge and will post when I have some added to what I have already at UFO stage. Good thing to join in AND get a UFO done. It will be a 2nd OQV ...see you later!