dogs, Dogs, DOGS!

I watched the end of the Westminster dog show. I have a friend who had a Golden Retriever who showed....he didn't make it to the Best in Breed, but he is LOVELY.

I found this book yesterday. I had seen it last fall,poking around with my DD on vacation. I didn't buy it then..but have been looking for it ever since! I have had fun poking thru looking at all the "heinz 57' dogs.
Speaking of dogs...can you believe THIS "angel" ...innocent... Can open
THIS? with no help? All he has to to is scratch the handle and lean in. THEN he cannot get OUT! The other day my DH was on the computer...went into our bedroom to get something. Found this INNOCENT on the BED ( a BIG NO NO in our house!) with his HEAD on my DH's PILLOW! (Can you guess which one of us does NOT boss the dogs around???)
NOW, this is the doorknob on our bedroom door! I don't think he can get this open...cross your fingers!


Dogs amaze me, mine has always been on the doorstep of the sewing room when i am in it..even if he was at the back door when I left out the front-now he has dug a hole under the sewing room and sits under my feet at the machine, if I get up and go to the door he is out and's nice when we are that important!
Big Happy Birthday to you, sounds like a lovely day...well done with all that stashbusting, Tracey
Wasn't that Uno just the cutest thing last night? I used to have a beagle and I can guess at what he was thinking as he looked at the crowd and strutted his stuff. And talking like he did! just too funny.
I;ve got 2 beagles, so we're aroooooing for Uno!
Jen said…
Of course I can believe it!! I think dogs have retractable thumbs!!

That picture is just priceless though. That pup has won my heart!!
swooze said…
My little quilting assistant can open my sewing room door from both sides. What a rat!

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