I thought I was gonna sleep IN!

OK, by 7:30 I had:

showered and dressed
made waffle batter
made the WHOLE BATCH (bowl was scraped EMPTY)
filled and started the dishwasher/cleared the table
let the dogs in and out, and one dog in and out and in and out and in and OUT!
found an umbrella (that was RIGHT where I said it was)
sent my DH DS and friend off to the golf tournament.

I REALLY want a Starbucks, just not sure if I want to see if there is already TRAFFIC over there...I guess I will skip it. Maybe a trip to the grocery ...I need ham for my lentil soup (DH request for after golf...its gonna rain...)

and THEN I am going to SEW..oh listen to the sermon (online...NO TRAFFIC!) and do laundry. WHEW I'm tired already!

Look what I got in the mail yesterday! I LOVE this place..they have the prettiest batiks (even wide backs and flannel batik). I liked this purse, but not the fabrics they had packaged with them. I was able to pick my fabrics and they packaged it to me...VOILA! mail!Isn't the varigated YUMMY! The pattern is from ByAnnie.

I will be back later if I have anything to SHOW. GO PATRIOTS! ( I have to say that or my son will disown me!)


Jen said…
I'm thinkin that since hubby is out he should pick that ham up on the way home!!
Tanya said…
I love that varigated fabric! Just like a milky way! Your going to make something gorgeous with that!

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