its a ZOO out there today!

No quilty stuff to report today. My son HAD to see his friend play basketball..then a dash to HIS game...then home..then off to soccer. Son came TEARING in the house ..."MOM MOM COME QUICK" My heart sinking. I'm thinking his friends little brother broke something in the back an arm or leg! " MOM and bring your CAMERA!"...OK..heart calming down...its not a MEDICAL emergency! and HERE is what he saw:

Can you read what it says?

LUCKY for me, my son is a HUGE Patriot fan! Now I'm staying HOME to cocoon...homemade soup and rolls for dinner tomorrow! And I'm staying home to sew. I will be joining the Scrappy Bargello challenge and will post when I have some added to what I have already at UFO stage. Good thing to join in AND get a UFO done. It will be a 2nd OQV ...see you later!


Sweet P said…
Love it! Go Patriots is the right statement today!
Alycia said…
Too cool!!! I think I would stay home today too - I hate traffic. I want to see your bargello when finished! I keep thinking I will join but I am still on step 6 of my mystery... maybe I should stay focused lol
Jen said…
That's pretty cool Not sure who we're rooting for here in WI.
Norma said…
Gald you live on that side of town and NOT us! LOL It is great over here, no one is in any of the stores.

I meant to tell you how wonderful that braid is........I am cheering you on with that one. Loved that panel that is a quilt for a little one!

Think it will rain on all our out of towner's? It figures that with folks in town that it would not be a typical sunny, AZ day.
Bingo~Bonnie said…
Oh WOW how neat! and lucky for you that you coudl take a photo of it... I would have had to hunt for my camera as I always leave it in a differnt place, or if it was handy to find my luck would have been that the battery would be dead ;)

Can't wait to see what fabrics are in your scrappy bargello!

Love from Texas! ~Bonnie

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