Sunday Stash busting report

I DID it! I have not bought anything this week..not EVEN a spool of thread. AND..the BIGGER deal? I didnt' START anything new either! :::patting self on the back::::

I did:
~finish piecing the backing for the pastel baby bargello
~kept working on pioneer braid and the quilting on R/W/B on the frame
~stuffed and delivered 3 dog beds to the rescue ...along with about 4 others someone gave me to deliver.
~ started working on the studio closet. My DH took one door I can access most of the fabric. The next step is the other two doors. THEN I can open all the wire drawers ...and get IN them!

I promise pictures when there is more of a difference!

Off to quilt! Happy Sunday...


Alycia said…
success!! You sound like you had a good week....
Vicky said…
No purchases and getting some stash busted! A very good week, indeed!
Randi said…
That's a great report!
Hazel said…
Good for you ,keep it up .
Tanya said…
Good job. I'm sure your dog quilts will be appreciated.
I need to get into my drawers and closets too.
No purchases--lots of stash used, and you're organizing??? Wonder woman!!
JudyL said…
No purchases and no new projects! Good job!!
Hey! we must be on the same wavelength - I'm in a NOT BUYING mindset too... and I didn't buy anything this week either!

Congratulations to both of us!


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