Stash busting report

GEE..if I had posted when I SHOULD have..this would have looked GOOD! Today on my way to get my hair cut, I stopped at Quiltz. OH DEAR! I had birthday I have NONE! rotlf

the haul was:
a T-shirt book, spool of Aurofil (not true grey...but on SALE ..and pale blue!),FQ of cacti (for an I Spy that will be due up next), 1/2 yd of stripe for binding on the pioneer braid baby quilt, a remnant of a wide backing (hoping it will fit my next QOV),

and TWO Jelly Rolls! ::::BIG TOOTHY GRIN!)
The rainbow one is ...well..I'm a sucker for all those colors together! The red/white/blue one is destined to be QOV...I have a Jelly roll book I'm hankering to dive into! OK..enough beating myself up! back to work getting my UFOs I can stash bust again and not be TEMPTED!


Norma said…
You go girl! The economy of this country depends on us quilters to give it a jump start!! It is as fundamental as voting, ya gotta do it! Plus, it made you happy, didn't it?

I love the red, white and blue jelly roll. Let's see, that is blueberries, strawberries and whip cream! (and no calories!)
Jen said…
Yeah! Your purchases are spectacular!! I think you deserve them after that big quilting job on that QOV!!
Suzan said…
Look at all the goodies! Maybe one day I will figure out what to do with jelly rolls. They always look so pretty!
Tanya said…
Do you know, I have yet to buy a jelly roll. Show us what you do with them!

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