Thursday, March 20, 2014

off the frame...but WAIT!

I finished this baby quilt on Tuesday...all the way to the binding!

The squared off flower is from a tutorial at

 I did a modified flower in the border to continue the flower motif.
You can see it better below from the back.
 The backing is a pale pink Minkee. The stitches just melt into the softness
leaving a line that looks embossed. Love it!
 After I got it off, I discoverd I had MISSED a I have to
put it back on when I am done with what is on there...
and quilt that corner! Always something!
This is a picture of the top before last borders and quilting.
I will get a picture of the whole quilt before it is gifted.
Thanks for looking!

Grand Canyon or bust!

When Sports Guy was a sophomore, we hosted an exchange student from Japan for a semester. They both had the same math class and were teammates on the varsity soccer team. Well, after pass his college entrance exam, he was allowed to come for a visit! He didn't get a chance to visit the Grand Canyon during his stay (he was BUSY! marching, jazz and concert band, varsity soccer and JV baseball. It was a quick year!), so we headed off on Tuesday to see the 'big hole in the ground" Its been many years since I had been there. Only a 3 1/2 hour drive, north thru Flagstaff, makes it an easy day. We planned to see the sunset. It did not disappoint!

I think there will be a Grand Canyon quilt sometime in my future. The colors are amazing and always changing.
 We enjoyed Mexican food for dinner...
 And lots of pictures to prove we were there!
We even got a close up of a condor who flew about 10 feet below us
at a lookout point. I was not fast enough to take a picture.
Look what we woke up to! BRRRRR!
We decided NOT to join the Ranger talk
about fossils in the canyon!
The rest of the day was cool, but not cold...
and NOT crowded.
Clear and lovely! Home by 5:30 on Wed.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014


What do you do when  you have a task that you are dreading...and when you DO start it (with the timer set for 15 mins. You know the FlyLady says you can do ANYTHING for 15 I am going to get started),  you  are finished before the timer goes off?


I had a baby quilt with a Minkee back. I had done the SID in the inner border. When I got ALL
the way around that border, there was a nice BIG generous TUCK in the Minkee. ::: S I G H::::
So, I took out 2 sides..and there is  still too much on one side...Then it HIT me. I loaded the Minkee with the selvedges on the SIDES. It should have been loaded on the rollers. All I had to do was take out the 2 remaining sides of SID. I took my smallest rotary cutter and skinned between the top and batting. When I was finished..there was 5 mins and 48 seconds left on my timer.  Tomorrow my 15 mins will be to take it off and reload. Want to take bets on how long it will take me?

Monday, March 03, 2014

Design wall Monday

Boxes and Bows
Pattern from Quiltmaker Nov/Dec 2011
This got put up on the design wall in the sewing room.
It had been a UFO since about 3 weeks after I
recieved the Quiltmaker it was featured in!
I got bogged down on the little spool blocks and put it away
with only 10 left to make! I could not
decide what colors. It will be the 1st Christmas quilt on the pile.
Each of my 3 kiddos will get a Christmas quilt this year
...and they will get to pick what they want.
Even if I have to make another one!
Celtic Solistice is still on the design wall in the guest room.
I think it will stay there for a bit. I am enjoying the Boxes and Bows!
I counted the pieces on CS. There are 2068...and that does not count the borders!
Time for a change of scenery! I am also working on borders for
Blueberries in the Park.
Thanks for visiting!
For more Design Wall Monday, be sure to head over to Judy's
to check out more!

Sunday, March 02, 2014

its done!

I put the last rows together last night!
I have some of the units made that Bonnie had planned for the border.
I have decided I am DONE making them, so will just use what I have
and make do!
Wanna guess borders? Just a word in advance. Thru the magic of EQ7, I have
imported my blocks as images and then done some planning for borders.
I and didnt' turn all the arrow blocks in the border.
Mine will all be going in one direction around the quilt,
but will not make it all the way around. I will put them on opposite
corners and fill it in the dark blue. Ya gotta use
your imagination a bit!
 So, do you think I will use the white inner border>?

the green one?

or the yellow one?
I am putting borders on Blueberries in the park and stash diving
for borders for this. If I don't come up for air at dinner,
call my DH!