its done!

I put the last rows together last night!
I have some of the units made that Bonnie had planned for the border.
I have decided I am DONE making them, so will just use what I have
and make do!
Wanna guess borders? Just a word in advance. Thru the magic of EQ7, I have
imported my blocks as images and then done some planning for borders.
I and didnt' turn all the arrow blocks in the border.
Mine will all be going in one direction around the quilt,
but will not make it all the way around. I will put them on opposite
corners and fill it in the dark blue. Ya gotta use
your imagination a bit!
 So, do you think I will use the white inner border>?

the green one?

or the yellow one?
I am putting borders on Blueberries in the park and stash diving
for borders for this. If I don't come up for air at dinner,
call my DH!


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