Grand Canyon or bust!

When Sports Guy was a sophomore, we hosted an exchange student from Japan for a semester. They both had the same math class and were teammates on the varsity soccer team. Well, after pass his college entrance exam, he was allowed to come for a visit! He didn't get a chance to visit the Grand Canyon during his stay (he was BUSY! marching, jazz and concert band, varsity soccer and JV baseball. It was a quick year!), so we headed off on Tuesday to see the 'big hole in the ground" Its been many years since I had been there. Only a 3 1/2 hour drive, north thru Flagstaff, makes it an easy day. We planned to see the sunset. It did not disappoint!

I think there will be a Grand Canyon quilt sometime in my future. The colors are amazing and always changing.
 We enjoyed Mexican food for dinner...
 And lots of pictures to prove we were there!
We even got a close up of a condor who flew about 10 feet below us
at a lookout point. I was not fast enough to take a picture.
Look what we woke up to! BRRRRR!
We decided NOT to join the Ranger talk
about fossils in the canyon!
The rest of the day was cool, but not cold...
and NOT crowded.
Clear and lovely! Home by 5:30 on Wed.


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