What do you do when  you have a task that you are dreading...and when you DO start it (with the timer set for 15 mins. You know the FlyLady says you can do ANYTHING for 15 I am going to get started),  you  are finished before the timer goes off?


I had a baby quilt with a Minkee back. I had done the SID in the inner border. When I got ALL
the way around that border, there was a nice BIG generous TUCK in the Minkee. ::: S I G H::::
So, I took out 2 sides..and there is  still too much on one side...Then it HIT me. I loaded the Minkee with the selvedges on the SIDES. It should have been loaded on the rollers. All I had to do was take out the 2 remaining sides of SID. I took my smallest rotary cutter and skinned between the top and batting. When I was finished..there was 5 mins and 48 seconds left on my timer.  Tomorrow my 15 mins will be to take it off and reload. Want to take bets on how long it will take me?


Anonymous said…
13 minutes! :)
fancystitching said…
I have had that same experience for sewing on the bindings or machine hemming a quilt. I dread it for days and then finally make myself do it only to discover it was done in less than an hour. Why did I let procrastination and dread rob me of my joy? I am slowly making progress on the "do it now" thing.

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