Saturday, December 31, 2011


Well, by the time you read this, it will probably be 2012. WOW~ I was just impressed that I made it to my youngest's 16th birthday...and he does not even have his drivers learners permit yet! (please pray for me! lolol) So, here is a bit of ...transparency! 2012 is going to HAVE to be more organized in my house...and I'm declaring it "The Year of UFOs and Scrappy Quilts"! ( do you think if I make a 'Declaration' it will stick better? I sure HOPE so!) I have signed up for a UFO challenge over at Patchwork Times. She suggests you pick 12 UFOs and number them. Each month she will pick a number, and you are to work on the UFO that has been tagged with that number. I"m not going to be that organized. I already realize that some months will be WAY busier than others. I plan to pick accordingly. Hopefully, on the less busy months, I can work on the UFO I will get credit for in a busy month! (clear as mud? sorry!)

So HERE is the transparency:

THIS is the current state of my sewing room. (Lucy's room (aka the long arm room) is a BIT better and could be usable in about 10 mins time.)

cutting area (this would be a  HUGE area, IF I can get the fabric put away!

Ironing table

Sewing table with machine (hiding behind that empty drawer)

design wall
(this is not the January UFO pick, but I AM working on it.)

here is a close up.
Yes, they are ALL blueberry fabrics.
its one of my oldest UFOS
its MINE

Tomorrow I have an idea about a sew along..and a give away! Are you ready to join me in de-scrapping?
See you tomorrow.
(oh, I KNOW your kind, You are probably cleaning up YOUR sewing area JUSt to show me up, arent' you?!! Thats ok, maybe it will wear off on me!)


Thursday, December 22, 2011

UFO challenge

Judy Laquidara is having a UFO challenge again in 2012. I have not picked out my UFOs yet. I think I will pick out one as I go along. Some months will be busier so in that month I will pick a quicker UFO to work on. If you go to Judys site, you can see links to other peoples UFO lists. How about you? Do you need to wade thru some UFOs?

Friday, December 16, 2011


Well, I'm happy to say that MY alma mater (Vanderbilt) will NOT play my husband/daughter's alma mater (US Air Force Academy). Now we can all root for each others team..and no family fights will ensue! I'm SO relieved!

Thank you!

Not only did I get ONE invite..I got MANY! Thank you...(and now I can blame YOU when I sucked into that DIY void called Pinterest! I'm buying a new timer today to put by the computer. If I DON"T time myself, I will never live my life! lolol)

Here is what I'm working on today. You better look quick, because this baby is going to its new home on Monday or Tuesday. Wanna guess where Beth will be over the weekend? HUNKERED DOWN to Get 'er done! This poor customer has waited WAAAY too long.

The hold up on this t-shirt quilt was the size of the logos. I had a couple that I could cut in 12 1/2  sqs, but there were also some that were over 16 inches. All the patterns I had used had smaller logos. I finally decided to border them all and then trim to the same size. I have one more on the ironing board. My goal for the day? top finished all the way to the borders, and a small start on the backing. Wish me luck..and I will post again in the morning.

PS Its nice to know I still have people out there listening to my ramblings! Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Anyone out there on Pinterest? I requested an invite, but found out its much faster if you get a member to invite you. I anxious to get started. Anyone have an invite to extend? Thanks!

Saturday, November 26, 2011


My husband's Alma mater is probably going to play MY Alma mater in a College Bowl game! Last time THAT happened, our oldest child was a BABY! Now SHE is a graduate of his college TOO! Its two against one! WAAAAA!

I'll be back with SOON as I can find the dang camera battery charger! I remember saying :this is where I'm going to keep all my chargers: NOW I can find all of them but THAT! My brain has not returned from vacation in Tahiti yet!

Saturday, November 05, 2011

the kitchen sink!

I have been looking for a couple months for fabric with a kitchen sink on it. I have a project planned for January. You can play along, so keep your ear out for details just after Christmas.

Here is Suzy Homemaker, doing her dishes by hand. Gee! I love my dishwasher! lol

Sunday, October 16, 2011

You KNOW what these mean, right?

I KNOW you know what these are. They mean SOMEONE was a patient in the hospital. Its been a week, let me tell you! Yesterday was the 1st day of a two day soccer tournament for Sports Guy. It to be held on the other side of town from us. Lots of road closures due to construction, and took us about 45 mins to an hour to get there. 1st game went off w/o a hitch (remember that word 'hitch', it will come up later. There MAY be test). We had too far to go to go home between games, so we went with another family to eat and then walk around a small outdoor mall area. Not too hot. Nice in the shade. We arrive back at the fields before the boys need to be back. I read my Kindle in the car, the rest went to watch the game before us. When I went looking for them, the sidelines were PACKED. It was time for our boys to start, and yet they were not on the field. ?? Whats up? There were TWO games scheduled for that field at the same time. They had no referrees for another field (altho the next one over was open), so we had to wait for that game to finish. UGH. (luckily our neighbor has a copy of our house key. My dogs were fast approaching 12 hours stuck in the house..I OWE that kid something! cookies? brownies?) Finally we start our game. At half time, its tied 1-1. Kid on our team that scored had had some health issues and had not scored all season. He has now! As the game restarted after the half, Sports Guy is starting to come off the field. He kneels down and covers his head. Covers his eyes, sneezes repeatedly, and when he looks up, he looks like Hitch when he ate that seafood (have you seen that movie? CUTE movie, but then I DO like a good Will Smith movie! Its one my DH and I can agree on!)

This is Will Smith

This is Will Smith's character in Hitch, on seafood, which he didn't know he was allergic to.

Now I don't have any proof, as I was a GOOD mother and didn't take Sports Guy's picture. Well,
he ASKED me not too. I told him it would only be so HE could see what he looked like. I swore an OATH, I would not blog, tweet or facebook said picture. He respectfully declined. Ok, he just declined! This picture
resembles Sports Guy in the swelling dept. Other than Will Smith is a black man and Sports Guy is Korea by birth!

After a SWIFT drive, ( no I did NOT speed or run any red lights), we arrived at the nearest hospital, they took us RIGHT back, and soon there after, he was hooked up to IVs. He got steroids, epineprine and VOILA, he was cranky again! It took awhile for the swelling to start down and his eyes were still swollen. All the bumps on his face were gone and his lips were back to normal. No more wheezing, sneezing...and we got to go home. All we have to show for it are these bracelets and 2 prescriptions. One for an epi pen and one for a ' just in case' steriod for today. Oh, and did you know there is NOTHING TO EAT after midnight in this town except McDonalds and Dennys'? Not even on a Saturday night? Gee, I'm glad I"m usually home in bed.

One last thing? Did I mention that Pilot Guy came home from a trip early with a toothache? Had an unscheduled root canal and is still not over feeling punk? He cancelled his next trip and I even drove to soccer yesterday. That never happens. I always take a bag of something to do 'cause he ALWAYS drives. I'm just saying' it was SOME week!

PS. Sports Guy was mad that we didn't wait 20 minutes until the half was over! He THOUGHT we should have let him PLAY that half and THEN go to the hospital. This is why they say that the male brain does not mature till around 26. I'm just saying...

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

on the frame

Here is today's frame offering. It is another top from Cathy, the owner of that last cute embroidery baby quilt. Here is a picture of a pieced block...

Here you can see the quilting. Its called 'wonky feathers'. I learned it from The Pajama Quilter. She has
2 DVDs out. I only have the 1st one, but the 2nd one is on my Christmas list!
She is very encouraging and gives lots of cute quilting ideas. She is the one
that started me off with practicing my designs on a white board. (just one tip I learned the HARD way! USE LOW ODOR DRY ERASE MARKERS!)

This is going pretty fast. I  have lots in my queue, so I"m glad that my quilting mojo is back with a vengeance!
Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Embroidered baby quilt

This adorable quilt belongs to my friend Cathy. She gave me permission to quilt whatever
I wanted on it. The embroidery is peach and the backgrounds are white. I think I
was taking pictures after dark and the over head light made the backgrounds look yellow. I need to be in less of a hurry when I take pictures! I practiced a few different fills around the embroideries.
I was lucky enough to take a class a couple weeks ago from Carla Barrett. I had
taken her Quilt Whisperer class online. It was fun to meet her in person! Her class spurred me on
with my freemotion. I will be continuing on with pantographs, but hopefull, with more
free motion as well. Thanks for looking!

Monday, September 26, 2011

A strong case for prewashing fabric

I will admit freely...I'm a prewasher. I have been since the 1st quilt I freemotioned on my domestic sewing machine had the border fabric run all over the white background. When I found color catchers, I thought I was home free. NOT SO FAST GRASSHOPPER! Here is the top being quilted :

Notice all the off white and white fabrics. And here it is after washing. 1st wash: color catchers were NAVY BLUE. I think I ended up washing it about 6 times total. After the 1st wash, I used Synthropol and at least 2 color catchers. The deposited blue dye never faded. Lesson learned!

Here is the good news:
#1 its for my older son and he won't care
#2 I kinda like the way  it looks. Good thing as I cannot get that dye out now!

Lesson: When you prewash, use color catchers. If they come out NAVY BLUE, keep washing until they come out close to white. OR don't use that fabric! You have been warned! (oh, on the 1st wash? I used THREE color catcher and all 3 were navy blue)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

You know you love your child when....

You fix his soccer sandal with Shoe-Goo...and the sandal smells MUCH worse than his soccer cleats. (which you cannot be in the same ROOM with...). Oh, and you hold the sandal together while the goo sets. YUCK!

(you can find Shoe Goo at WalMart by the shoe laces. Good for making repairs on soles and other things that fall off shoes. You can also put it on shoes to make them water proof. Well worth having around!)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Whew! I think my slump is breaking AND the weather is cooling off. Now, I dont' want you to think its COOL here! I'm still in shorts and sitting under a fan...BUT! last night I had to wear pjs with sleeves (hey! my  shoulders get chilly!) and this morning was in the 70s. SO NICE!

On the quilting front, I got 2 quilts mailed. ( I know...I hope no one went into SHOCK or anything!). Its nice to have them on their way home. My friend has been MORE than patient with me. I almost had the 2nd one done, when my Uncle John passed away (Aug 1st).  With a quick trip to NY (as in a 48 hour door to door) and then another one a week and a half later (that one was 4 days...but I also did a 5 hour trip up state to Plattsburgh where he lived), I have been playing catch up. When I am stressed like that, it seems to take me longer to get my feet back under me. I hope I'm standing up now!

I purchased a set of red snappers from Renae Haddadin. It is a quick loading system for the long arm that uses NO PINS! I tried it last night and even for a 1st time, it was easy and quick. I will like no pins. So will the dogs and cat. While I attempt to keep them out while  I quilt...SOMETIMES one will slink in. When I'm down a dog, I might look into some type of gate. (Chewy will be going home with his mom in January) I have been using a quilt rack to keep them out of my sewing room. I cannot move around in there with 4 bodies hogging all the floor space. I need to add a panel on it so they cannot duck under the bars. Maybe some of that mesh..then they can see me, but  not get TO me. AH! ANOTHER PROJECT! (this is NOT a good thing!)

I have signed up for a Paper Organizing class over at simplify 101. I am hoping my  husband will do the lessons along with me. Setting up a good system is the hardest part! I'm also going to take a class on how to use PhotoShop Elements. I want to be able to send my quilting customers ideas on how I can quilt for them. Being able to manipulate pictures with add on drawings is my goal.  Between those two classes, a husband that travels, a son who is playing a high schools sport AND a club sport (not the same sport...that is against the rules!), volunteering 2 mornings a week (one sewing class, one Ladies Bible study running a camera), and quilting for others and myself.....I think I'm maxed out, don't you?!? Oh..I forgot...4 dogs, one ELDERLY cat (she just turned 19) and I"m co-executor for my uncle's will. Can you say CHAOS??? I think I need more than that Paper Organizing class! See you tomorrow...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

a special keepsake

The end of July, our son and I were visiting my parents. My mom had a pile of costume jewelery and odds and ends on the table. She is trying to figure out what to do with them. In the pile was this little silver box. I opened up..but it was empty.My grandmother's initials are carved on one side. No clue inside to what it was, but from the way the top opens, I am convinced it was a cigarette lighter. (I never remember seeing her smoke, so not sure if she did. Maybe this was something else.) Then I started looking at the design. These are FEATHERS! These will find their way into my quilting in the near future. They almost look like Zentangles. See what you think...

front of case with initials

back of case
I will use this as a needle on the lookout for a tiny pair of scissors that will fit. It fits in the palm of my hand.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Out from under

I'm here. I'm fine. I have been busy in a sad sort of way. I will be back tomorrow with something special. And maybe a bit of explaination. It has to do with a cross country air and train. An adventure of sorts. And..well..I will have to make the trip AGAIN in the next couple of weeks. BUT, I will travel by air, train AND car. WHEW! I'm tired already. In the mean time, I am prepping some hand applique for the trip and quilting madly on Lucy (the Gammill).

Sunday, July 17, 2011

all by myself

What do you do when  you are  home alone? This weekend Sports Guy had a soccer tournament in San Diego.I begged off and let Pilot Man play parent..for the WHOLE weekend! About this time of the summer, I'm tired of being on call for everyone and everything. I'm ready to change my  name to Agnes and move to Timbuktu. I love my family..I do..but they think I should wash every piece of clothing and make every morsel that goes in ...and wash every dish. HONEST..its not really my husband. He is very self reliant...its..the other person who lives here. He is LEARNING to be self reliant! He is not there YET! lolol So what do you do?

-eat whatever I like. Sometimes even junk food ALL DAY LONG. Do I pay the price? Sometimes, but I usually only get to  have the house to myself once a yr..
-stay up late to sew. Ok, by about 11pm I can barely drag myself to the bedroom..but HEY, I didn't HAVE to go to bed, I CHOSE to go to bed!
-go see a friend. This time I got to go to my Long Arm chapter meeting with a friend. They had a yearly 'garage' sale for quilty things that people were done with. I got a few patterns, a book and 3 pantographs. I didn't spend a whole lot, but I had a great time. Once in a while I like to be around people that speak 'long arm quilting'!

I don't;

-feel like I have to clean the whole house, wash all the dogs and cars and generally be TOTALLY productive. HEY! This IS my vacation! When we went to Colorado? I cooked every evening meal except one..and did most of the dishes! When I go to see my parents next week, what does Mom want help with? COOKING. I don't mind..I really dont..but ONCE in a while, I'm tired of deciding what to make! Buying it it it all up. Time to have a class : 'Dishwashing 101'!

Saying all that, I DID get some things done.
  -I repaired 2 dresser drawers and may glue a 3rd.
  - got clothing ready to go thru when Sports Guy returns ( I am not allowed to get rid of it with out permission!)
  -almost done with a customer quilt
 - cleared some things out of Sports Guy's room that belong to me (it used to be the guest room and never really got cleared he never REALLY moved in there..just started sleeping in there..morphing it into his own room..never really figured out how that happened! lolol)

and I'm getting ready to
  -caulk a sink and a tub
  -clear off a hallway dresser and dust it off

Then I'm DONE for the day. Its been a good productive restful day! Oh, and if you were wondering? Sports Guy's team made it to the finals! Figures..if I was there we would be on our way home by now! ROTLF

I need ideas for next year! How do you spend alone time? Do tell!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I love to read, but have not done much this summer. I seem to be a reading ADDICT! When I start a book, the whole HOUSE could fall down around my ears. No laundry gets done, no food gets cooked ,cleaned up after OR bought. I do read now and then..but no stacks of books from the library. They just CALL to me...and sometimes they say things that are not nice! One of my coffee friends  lent me a book.  He reads ALOT..Mostly Nora Roberts from what I can tell.. I brought this one home and it took me a few days to read it.. I actually slept...cooked...and did normal things before I was finished reading it. One passage near the beginning made me laugh SO hard, I almost fell off my chair. Dogs and kids had to come into the room to see WHAT was so funny..

Here is that excerpt;

From Sister's Choice by Emilie Richards (go look for it...its a good summer read!)

Inside, Kendra admired the personal touches that Jamie had added to the cabin. "I love those place mats. Did you bring them with you, or did you find them here?"

Jamie hoped the praise was real and not just her sister's way of apologizing for her early arrival. "They're great, aren't they? I found them in a shop in Strasburg. They're denim strips, hand woven on a loom. I wish I had time to work with my hands. I've always wanted to do something. Knit, crochet, paint."

"Be careful what you wish for, and keep your voice down."

Jamie turned. "What? Who's listening?"

Kendra lowered her voice. "They're everywhere."

"Are you nuts? Who's everywhere?"

Kendra lowered her voice even more. " The quilters."


"Now you've gone and done it. They'll be here momentarily. Bolt the doors."

Jamie was relieved to see this more playful side of her sister. "Explain youreslf."

"I'm afraid you'll find out soon enought. Let's just say that if you ever had a yen to learn how to quilt, you're in the right place. Toms Brook is crawling with them."

"Does that have anything to do with the old quilts in your house?'

"I collect, they quilt,although I'll confess, they've taught me a little. Call it survival."

"I'll keep my eyes open."

"They'll sniff you out." ......

We are in TROUBLE now! Our SECRET is out! Muahahahahahahaha! Keep those ears out...You just NEVER know when you can HOOK a new quilter. I even got a new customer at the baseball game a week or so ago. My husband just thinks its an obsession...little does HE know!

Monday, July 11, 2011

ANOTHER busy week? Really?

Oh I go again! I was envisioning a week of actually catching UP on the laundry...sleeping till SEVEN..WOW! Who was I kidding? Those kind of weeks just sneak up on me...I cannot PLAN them. If I TRY to plan them, God just laughs at me. Oh..and gives me ANOTHER hugely busy week.

Pilot Man took Sports Guy and his buddy to the All Star Fan Fest in downtown Phoenix. Someone with a brain scheduled it INSIDE at the Phoenix Convention Center. PM had to get tickets on StubHub as they were sold out at We considered going to the Home Run Derby..or the All Star Game, but those too had sold out. When we looked, prices were too much..and PM is not home till too late to go. Saturday afternoon, Sports Guy gets a call from a friend (Little League and high school teammate). They had purchased a package deal for ALL the events, but had two tickets left over. Did we want them? After a bit of basic math..we said YES! I punted on the Fan Fest (SG went again today and gave my ticket to ANOTHER friend..who was THRILLED to go as I was NOT THRILLED to go) and the Future game/Celebrity Softball game last night. I will meet up with them this afternoon.

Did I say I have been up since around 2AM? Its thunderstorm season here in Desert land...I did doze a bit on and off..but I"m betting that very little REM sleep was to be had. There IS a nap before I head to the Home Run Derby.

 Need more?  Yesterday AF Girl (our pilot daughter) called. She had a swollen gland just below her ear. Its sore, even with out touching, and especially when she chews.  Called the flight doc this am and they tested her. She has MONO. She is due to deploy a week from today. She is NOT HAPPY...not tired, no sore throat, no fever...just this DANG swollen gland. And the worst part? for me? there is NOTHING I can do for her. I cannot send her a plane ticket to come home. (not sure she should fly as she is contagious at least for a bit). She said she MAY be able to go anyway, wearing a mask.

I think I'm ready for that nap now... Then I may need to quilt something!

Saturday, July 09, 2011


OK...what is UP with Google!? I  am already signed in to Google Reader. I directly sign on to a blog to comment. I have to RE-ENTER my password and then it STILL sees me as 'anonymous'? THEN..when I sign on AGAIN, it never gives me the security word, so have to back for the 4th or 5th time to enter THAT. SHEESH...I'm about to not comment anymore! Too much work!

What a WEEK!

Usually I am pretty busy with other people's activities..mainly Sports Guy. But, high school summer baseball is over and he is only practicing soccer for a tourmament in a week and indoor soccer. All of that is in the evening. SO, I decided to do something for ME. About this time in the summer, I have had enought of being at everyones beck and call. Kids show up to spend the night I dont' know about, there are extra people at the dinner table I don't even get the picture. On Tuesday I sewed star blocks from Moda Fabrics 'Just One Star' project'. We were well on our way to 3 tops using 90 blocks total. Not bad for a few hours.

Wednesday found swimmers at my house! I have not done ANY swimming this summer (and you ask 'why NOT in that heat, woman?" ...good question!) I have a friend who has 3 children. I have been saying for the past two summers, I was going to have them over to swim. I never did..this is not right! So, I put my foot down..and let her pick the day. Wednesday was it. We had a blast ...after I laid down my one hard and fast rule: NO DIVING ... its a play pool..only about 5 1/2 feet in the middle. They can have plenty of fun with out diving.  When we came in, everyone got dried off. I had set up my 2 Featherweights and my friend set up her machine. She had never taken it out of the box. Not threaded it, not wound a bobbin..NADA. I started the boys with lined paper and no they went. (Boys like to make the machine GO..they think they are driving!) Mom did the same, after we learned how to thread it and wind a bobbin. Back to the they are making small string blocks with used Color catchers. I think they liked it. Little sister picked out pink beads for a bracelet. When the big ones were done for the day , she got to try out the lined paper too. BOY did she go to town! lolol I hope to have them help me make a string QOV. I told the boys, after those blocks are done, if they don't want to sew, its ok. I think everyone should at least know how to use a machine even if they don't use it alot.

Thursday I caught my breath..I was POOPED from Wed. Oh..and I quilted all day like  demon on this:

My Lunch Bunch group gave our favorite 90 yr old member 90 charm squares for her birthday last summer. She also recieved a book. We thought she would piece it and we would quilt it, but she really isn't piecing much anymore. One of the other members made this. I don't know the name,but I LOVE it! I quilted it...MADLY! I had to take another quilt off the frame to put this on. I had planned on everyone in the group to help a BIT on the binding. They did not its not done. Her birthday is in Aug, so we will have it done for that.

Today is for catching up. I will be finishing a few small things on the quilt that got RIPPED off the frame (not literally! I think my friend just had heart failure! her quilt! RIPPED! lolol), Laundry (everyday..but  more on Saturday..I can dry after 1pm...rates don't go up till Monday!) and hopefully loading the next quilt. My men are at the All Star Fan Fest. I think they kinda wanted to go to some of the other festivities, but they are SO PRICEY. By the time they decided they wanted to go, all the tickets were sold out at MLB. On Stub Hub etc, they START at over $200 a ticket. I can see all I want from my recliner! lolol

All my STUFF from sewing at Lunch Bunch and show and tell

Featherweights, foot pedals and extention cords!

A left over doll house and pool toys (alas, this one hit the floor and one of the DOGS nibbled on it! The rest have been dried out and put away for next week)

I think I'm STILL pooped!

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Big day!

From this :
(dear old sweet '01 got great gas mileage and was a workhorse!)

To this:
(Sweet NEW 2012 Kia Sorrento. Not the color I would have picked, BUT it has a light interior. In Arizona, a dark interior is a deal breaker for me! The exterior color will grow on me..and they dont make it in a PRETTY blue!). I still even have a third row of seats that fold into the floor when not in use. Great for those last 2 kids who need a ride home from school. I just CANNOT leave them in the heat!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Poor Chewie!

This is Chewie when he arrived here in February. Just groomed in SD.

 This is Chewie today. Poor guy! His Mimi (bad BAD mimi) took too long to find him a groomer. He needed to be shaved to get rid of all the mats. We have a saying in our house that the difference between a good haircut and a bad hair cut is about 3 days. In Chewie's case..I would say more like a month! He does not seem to be mad at me...AND its hot outside, so he should be a good deal cooler.
Buddy looks GOOD! he is very soft and only needed a trim around the eyes.

Rally got his body shaved. He looks good too! Rookie is sniffing all the dogs to see what kind of body spray they favor! Rookie stayed home and seemed to enjoy being the only dog for a couple of hours. Poor Chewie!

Friday, June 24, 2011


Have you ever had a day that just went ...GOOD? That was my yesterday! No summer baseball (almost done..will miss it..but not daily!). We have not had a working ice maker in over a year. Now, I have done just fine with ice trays. BUT, my husband replaced go. Called someone, he looked at it , said it was go. My husband told someone 'we are getting on just fine with ice trays', BUT I was the only one dealing with them. Hey, the fridge has an ice maker..and its just sitting there staring at me MOCKING ME! (Its AZ in the summer...and 'hello, I'm Beth and I'm an ice  hog'). I looked up 'ice maker not getting water' and found a solution. Finally DH and I were on the same page, so we tried it. Long story short: original company was called (and we were told the 1st technician no longer works for that company! Interesting!), they sent someone out with in HOURS..and we have ICE! Ah, what a lovely sound: Can you hear it? The drop of the ice! (ok, ok..I TOLD you..its Arizona in the summer! Yesterday was around 112!)

Then, in the afternoon, DH went to hit golf balls and I went to pick our son and his friend up at said friends house. My mini van has a power door that has not worked in TWO years. We just muscle the thing open and shut. SO, since we had no ice YET (it does take a LITTLE while to make), I stopped at Circle K (convienince store) so the boys could get a cold drink. While I waited..just for kicks, I pushed the 'lock power door' button and then the power door WORKS! I thought I was going to fall out of the van. I thought said son would fall over on the broiling hot concrete!

All this, AND I organized a bit in the closet. Now I can sit down to tie my shoes. Ahh....the wonderment of a chair and ice!

this is what I did today:

My friend brought her daughter over. She wanted to quilt a small panel baby quilt. So, we loaded it up..and off she went. She did a great job, and we had a good time.

This is what I'm working on today for me. My friend wanted feathers she gets! I'm done with the blocks (not in THIS picture, but on the quilt), so I will try to work on the borders tonight It has been a fun quilt to work on!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

summer meals

woke with 5 male teens  in the house...

3 full batches of pancakes (with chocolate chips)
3 servings of sausage
1 serving of bacon
pitcher of OJ

for lunch:

16 hotdogs ( got one)
2 cans of baked beans
1 pound of strawberries
various drinks

I'm already worn out...and I'm NOT doing the dishes

Monday, June 13, 2011

update on 'batting strip' bag

OK, so I got called out by my friend QuilterC. She saw my bag when I was on vacation. When she looked on my blog, she could not find here goes:

You can find info on how to make the strips here. I will show you how to put them together. I kinda morphed the pattern and made it my own for what I wanted. I may be able to get pictures of the other bags made by my Lunch Bunch group next time we meet. That is IF I remember my camera! (it always seems to get left at home...sigh...)
Here the strips have been zigzagged together. I think the picture will enlarge if you click on it.  Try to sew them opposite ways to keep the section from warping too much. You can see I'm blocking that section. I pin into my ironing table, spray some water on or steam it flat. When you are done blocking, you can cut this into sections for a bag or purse.

Here is a picture of the finished bag. I sewed another strip over the cut edges and then zigzaged the sections together. I was able to finagle the bag to be able to sew all the way down the side.
 I did the bottom of each side by hand.

Here are some pictures of the inside.

large pocket for my laptop. I wish I had made this a bit larger. Its a bit of a tight fit. Velcro to hold it closed for support.

Another smaller pocket on the opposite side for my Bamboo Fun pen tablet. This pocket has 2 smaller pockets on top. One fits a Kindle and the other is for cords and chargers.

Velcro tabs to hold laptop charger.

Cute handles cut off an ugly straw bag purchased at GoodWill for $3.99.
Hey! good handles are hard to come by!

I hope this spurs you on to make your own bag. I enjoyed using up some of my scrap batting! I used 20 strips from a Bali Pop. If you look at the picture of the hand sewing on the bottom of the side panel, you can see about 6 scrappy strips. When I found out I needed a few more for a bottom, I was stingy and didnt' want to use up any more  batik strips. I scrounged around my scrap bins and found some fairly ugly green strips for the bottom. They will just get dirty anyway! Hope you liked seeing my bag. And now I'm off the hook with QC! 

Sunday, June 05, 2011


No blog posts could mean a couple of things:

I have done nothing I think is blogworthy (is that one word or two? lol)
I"m so busy I have not seen the computer in DAYS
I'm out of town with no internet access (GASP)

I'm on vacation with my family. Yep..thats the one!

Over the Memorial Day weekend, we drove to Southern California for Sports Guy to play in a soccer tournament. We were short it was kind of a tough weekend to swallow. One win, and 2 losses. Just so you know we only had one substitute. That means the whole team had to run the whole game...we usually have 4 or 5. One game, one of the boys had a no subs. The last game , Sports Guy had to sit out due to 2 yellow cards on the previous day = a red card. He had to sit. It was not easy for him.

As soon as we returned home, I did a laundry marathon...and turned around the next morning and headed for the airport. Sports guy and I flew to Denver...met up with Pilot Grl (our AF DD) who drove down from Rapid City. We spent the night there and the next day the kiddos headed for 6 Flags. I met up with an online buddy I had not seen in low these many years. We didn't  have as much time as we would have liked, but got to visit..and that was the best. We also hit a quilt shop (HER decision....hehehehehe). All I left with is two heat transfer patterns. (not showing them yet..they may be used for gifts). Then we all met up, hit an AF base close by for food. Pilot Grl packed her cooler and off we went up into the mts. AH COOL! There is still TONS of snow up on the mountain...much to Student Man's (that is the middle kid...just about to start nursing school..) distress... He is a snowboarder...and to HIM...all that snow is going to waste! Student Man and DH drove up and played golf on the way. Not sure we can jam 4 people, 4 suitcases and 2 sets of golf clubs in DH"s car. Time for me to get a new vehicle that DH will be willing to drive on vacation. It needs enough room for all of THAT...AND my Featherweight!

We are staying in Breckenridge. Just off the main street in walking distance. Here are just 2 pictures of what we see walking down and back from the condo. Yesterday the whole clan, minus me, went to play golf. (THAT is when I missed the Featherweight!) I walked down to main street and there were people and dogs everywhere! Oh how I missed my furry boys! I even got to pet TWO Westies. HEAVEN! lolol

There is a nice quilt shop on Main Street. I visited once..and got a bluebonnet fabric for my Mom. Then yesterday i went back again for show and tell (Pilot Grl brought her quilt with the seashell border for me to bury threads) and bought another fab...OK OK..You can have pictures! Gee...I didnt 'know quilters could be so pushy! :::;grin::::

 this one has rescue trucks all over..but in a small stripe..with the word 'rescue' intersperced. sorry its blurry. On sale. :-D

bluebonnet one for Mom. No clue what I will do with it tho.

I'm still amazed that out of all the fabric stores and all the fabric I have seen, there is still fabric I have NEVER seen! Lovely!

ok., That is all for now. I did major clothing damage and quilting fabric damage in California. With the rapid turn around, I didn't have time to take any pictures. Stand by for that update when I get home and wade thru the MOUNDS of laundry. ...Oh..and by the time we get home? We will be up to our ears in shed dog hair too! oh joy!