OK...what is UP with Google!? I  am already signed in to Google Reader. I directly sign on to a blog to comment. I have to RE-ENTER my password and then it STILL sees me as 'anonymous'? THEN..when I sign on AGAIN, it never gives me the security word, so have to back for the 4th or 5th time to enter THAT. SHEESH...I'm about to not comment anymore! Too much work!


Suzan said…
Are you using Chrome or Explorer? Chrome doesn't seem to have the problem. If using Explorer, sign into Google but don't check the box to keep yourself logged in. I had the same problem last week.
fancystitching said…
Hi Beth. I had this issue too. Suzan is right... unchecking the "keep me signed in" box fixed it! It means you have to sign in each time, but at least you don't go around the block 9 times trying to leave a comment.


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