ANOTHER busy week? Really?

Oh I go again! I was envisioning a week of actually catching UP on the laundry...sleeping till SEVEN..WOW! Who was I kidding? Those kind of weeks just sneak up on me...I cannot PLAN them. If I TRY to plan them, God just laughs at me. Oh..and gives me ANOTHER hugely busy week.

Pilot Man took Sports Guy and his buddy to the All Star Fan Fest in downtown Phoenix. Someone with a brain scheduled it INSIDE at the Phoenix Convention Center. PM had to get tickets on StubHub as they were sold out at We considered going to the Home Run Derby..or the All Star Game, but those too had sold out. When we looked, prices were too much..and PM is not home till too late to go. Saturday afternoon, Sports Guy gets a call from a friend (Little League and high school teammate). They had purchased a package deal for ALL the events, but had two tickets left over. Did we want them? After a bit of basic math..we said YES! I punted on the Fan Fest (SG went again today and gave my ticket to ANOTHER friend..who was THRILLED to go as I was NOT THRILLED to go) and the Future game/Celebrity Softball game last night. I will meet up with them this afternoon.

Did I say I have been up since around 2AM? Its thunderstorm season here in Desert land...I did doze a bit on and off..but I"m betting that very little REM sleep was to be had. There IS a nap before I head to the Home Run Derby.

 Need more?  Yesterday AF Girl (our pilot daughter) called. She had a swollen gland just below her ear. Its sore, even with out touching, and especially when she chews.  Called the flight doc this am and they tested her. She has MONO. She is due to deploy a week from today. She is NOT HAPPY...not tired, no sore throat, no fever...just this DANG swollen gland. And the worst part? for me? there is NOTHING I can do for her. I cannot send her a plane ticket to come home. (not sure she should fly as she is contagious at least for a bit). She said she MAY be able to go anyway, wearing a mask.

I think I'm ready for that nap now... Then I may need to quilt something!


Chocolate Cat said…
Hope you are able to grab that nap!!!

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