Big day!

From this :
(dear old sweet '01 got great gas mileage and was a workhorse!)

To this:
(Sweet NEW 2012 Kia Sorrento. Not the color I would have picked, BUT it has a light interior. In Arizona, a dark interior is a deal breaker for me! The exterior color will grow on me..and they dont make it in a PRETTY blue!). I still even have a third row of seats that fold into the floor when not in use. Great for those last 2 kids who need a ride home from school. I just CANNOT leave them in the heat!


fancystitching said…
Really neat vehicle, Beth! I totally understand the "light interior" thing. It is almost as bad here in LA. I'm looking too... my 1998 Lumina (180,000 miles) is in the shop now (again). It has just about lived its useful life, but it gets such great gas mileage I hate to go to anything else, but I'm looking. DH want a minivan for me.. I want an SUV. We'll see what is available for what price. I'm taking my time, but hopefully this fall we will get something else. I've so enjoyed not paying a car note for the last 7 years, but it is about time.
Deb Levy said…
Cool new ride Beth!
Beth, I just bought a spanking new 2012 Sorrento a few weeks ago. Mine is Dark Cherry and I absolutely love it. I did a lot of research prior to settling on the Sorrento and I definitely think U made the right decision. I hope you enjoy your's as much as I do.
Angie said…
Love your new 'ride', girl! I looked at that very same car, but brought home the new Subaru Forester since I loved my other one so much. I hope you enjoy yours' as much as I do mine. :)

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