all by myself

What do you do when  you are  home alone? This weekend Sports Guy had a soccer tournament in San Diego.I begged off and let Pilot Man play parent..for the WHOLE weekend! About this time of the summer, I'm tired of being on call for everyone and everything. I'm ready to change my  name to Agnes and move to Timbuktu. I love my family..I do..but they think I should wash every piece of clothing and make every morsel that goes in ...and wash every dish. HONEST..its not really my husband. He is very self reliant...its..the other person who lives here. He is LEARNING to be self reliant! He is not there YET! lolol So what do you do?

-eat whatever I like. Sometimes even junk food ALL DAY LONG. Do I pay the price? Sometimes, but I usually only get to  have the house to myself once a yr..
-stay up late to sew. Ok, by about 11pm I can barely drag myself to the bedroom..but HEY, I didn't HAVE to go to bed, I CHOSE to go to bed!
-go see a friend. This time I got to go to my Long Arm chapter meeting with a friend. They had a yearly 'garage' sale for quilty things that people were done with. I got a few patterns, a book and 3 pantographs. I didn't spend a whole lot, but I had a great time. Once in a while I like to be around people that speak 'long arm quilting'!

I don't;

-feel like I have to clean the whole house, wash all the dogs and cars and generally be TOTALLY productive. HEY! This IS my vacation! When we went to Colorado? I cooked every evening meal except one..and did most of the dishes! When I go to see my parents next week, what does Mom want help with? COOKING. I don't mind..I really dont..but ONCE in a while, I'm tired of deciding what to make! Buying it it it all up. Time to have a class : 'Dishwashing 101'!

Saying all that, I DID get some things done.
  -I repaired 2 dresser drawers and may glue a 3rd.
  - got clothing ready to go thru when Sports Guy returns ( I am not allowed to get rid of it with out permission!)
  -almost done with a customer quilt
 - cleared some things out of Sports Guy's room that belong to me (it used to be the guest room and never really got cleared he never REALLY moved in there..just started sleeping in there..morphing it into his own room..never really figured out how that happened! lolol)

and I'm getting ready to
  -caulk a sink and a tub
  -clear off a hallway dresser and dust it off

Then I'm DONE for the day. Its been a good productive restful day! Oh, and if you were wondering? Sports Guy's team made it to the finals! Figures..if I was there we would be on our way home by now! ROTLF

I need ideas for next year! How do you spend alone time? Do tell!


I sew, sew, sew - and very little cooking! A few years ago my DH was out of town and my kids were sooo worried that I was lonely - they insisted on coming to visit. Little did they know I was enjoying it!

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