summer meals

woke with 5 male teens  in the house...

3 full batches of pancakes (with chocolate chips)
3 servings of sausage
1 serving of bacon
pitcher of OJ

for lunch:

16 hotdogs ( got one)
2 cans of baked beans
1 pound of strawberries
various drinks

I'm already worn out...and I'm NOT doing the dishes


fancystitching said…
Guys need to learn how to do dishes... you will be doing them a great service by "letting" them do the dishes for you!! Now go to the sewing room and have some fun!
vtquilter said…
Paper plates.....if they won't do the dishes for you. I agree that you get an afternoon of sewing. Let them 'fix' dinner..... Guy's love to grill.... let them grill up some meat and veggies and serve you!

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