update on 'batting strip' bag

OK, so I got called out by my friend QuilterC. She saw my bag when I was on vacation. When she looked on my blog, she could not find it..so here goes:

You can find info on how to make the strips here. I will show you how to put them together. I kinda morphed the pattern and made it my own for what I wanted. I may be able to get pictures of the other bags made by my Lunch Bunch group next time we meet. That is IF I remember my camera! (it always seems to get left at home...sigh...)
Here the strips have been zigzagged together. I think the picture will enlarge if you click on it.  Try to sew them opposite ways to keep the section from warping too much. You can see I'm blocking that section. I pin into my ironing table, spray some water on or steam it flat. When you are done blocking, you can cut this into sections for a bag or purse.

Here is a picture of the finished bag. I sewed another strip over the cut edges and then zigzaged the sections together. I was able to finagle the bag to be able to sew all the way down the side.
 I did the bottom of each side by hand.

Here are some pictures of the inside.

large pocket for my laptop. I wish I had made this a bit larger. Its a bit of a tight fit. Velcro to hold it closed for support.

Another smaller pocket on the opposite side for my Bamboo Fun pen tablet. This pocket has 2 smaller pockets on top. One fits a Kindle and the other is for cords and chargers.

Velcro tabs to hold laptop charger.

Cute handles cut off an ugly straw bag purchased at GoodWill for $3.99.
Hey! good handles are hard to come by!

I hope this spurs you on to make your own bag. I enjoyed using up some of my scrap batting! I used 20 strips from a Bali Pop. If you look at the picture of the hand sewing on the bottom of the side panel, you can see about 6 scrappy strips. When I found out I needed a few more for a bottom, I was stingy and didnt' want to use up any more  batik strips. I scrounged around my scrap bins and found some fairly ugly green strips for the bottom. They will just get dirty anyway! Hope you liked seeing my bag. And now I'm off the hook with QC! 


Deb Levy said…
Really cute Beth! Good use of all those batting scraps too.
cathy said…
You are off the hook....lol. I've pulled out my batting pieces and have begun cutting them into strips. Tomorrow I plan on a Thrift Shop visit to see if I can find a bag with some great handles.....wish me luck. Thanks, Beth, for the wonderful, CLEAR directions!! QC
Angie said…
Really really cute bag, girl! :) I'm pattern-challenged already, so maybe I could make a bag with this KIND of pattern. :D Seriously, thanks for sharing with us. We know you are one busy woman.

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