No blog posts could mean a couple of things:

I have done nothing I think is blogworthy (is that one word or two? lol)
I"m so busy I have not seen the computer in DAYS
I'm out of town with no internet access (GASP)

I'm on vacation with my family. Yep..thats the one!

Over the Memorial Day weekend, we drove to Southern California for Sports Guy to play in a soccer tournament. We were short it was kind of a tough weekend to swallow. One win, and 2 losses. Just so you know we only had one substitute. That means the whole team had to run the whole game...we usually have 4 or 5. One game, one of the boys had a no subs. The last game , Sports Guy had to sit out due to 2 yellow cards on the previous day = a red card. He had to sit. It was not easy for him.

As soon as we returned home, I did a laundry marathon...and turned around the next morning and headed for the airport. Sports guy and I flew to Denver...met up with Pilot Grl (our AF DD) who drove down from Rapid City. We spent the night there and the next day the kiddos headed for 6 Flags. I met up with an online buddy I had not seen in low these many years. We didn't  have as much time as we would have liked, but got to visit..and that was the best. We also hit a quilt shop (HER decision....hehehehehe). All I left with is two heat transfer patterns. (not showing them yet..they may be used for gifts). Then we all met up, hit an AF base close by for food. Pilot Grl packed her cooler and off we went up into the mts. AH COOL! There is still TONS of snow up on the mountain...much to Student Man's (that is the middle kid...just about to start nursing school..) distress... He is a snowboarder...and to HIM...all that snow is going to waste! Student Man and DH drove up and played golf on the way. Not sure we can jam 4 people, 4 suitcases and 2 sets of golf clubs in DH"s car. Time for me to get a new vehicle that DH will be willing to drive on vacation. It needs enough room for all of THAT...AND my Featherweight!

We are staying in Breckenridge. Just off the main street in walking distance. Here are just 2 pictures of what we see walking down and back from the condo. Yesterday the whole clan, minus me, went to play golf. (THAT is when I missed the Featherweight!) I walked down to main street and there were people and dogs everywhere! Oh how I missed my furry boys! I even got to pet TWO Westies. HEAVEN! lolol

There is a nice quilt shop on Main Street. I visited once..and got a bluebonnet fabric for my Mom. Then yesterday i went back again for show and tell (Pilot Grl brought her quilt with the seashell border for me to bury threads) and bought another fab...OK OK..You can have pictures! Gee...I didnt 'know quilters could be so pushy! :::;grin::::

 this one has rescue trucks all over..but in a small stripe..with the word 'rescue' intersperced. sorry its blurry. On sale. :-D

bluebonnet one for Mom. No clue what I will do with it tho.

I'm still amazed that out of all the fabric stores and all the fabric I have seen, there is still fabric I have NEVER seen! Lovely!

ok., That is all for now. I did major clothing damage and quilting fabric damage in California. With the rapid turn around, I didn't have time to take any pictures. Stand by for that update when I get home and wade thru the MOUNDS of laundry. ...Oh..and by the time we get home? We will be up to our ears in shed dog hair too! oh joy!


fancystitching said…
LOVE the mountain shot, and the fabrics you chose look great! Have a fabulous time... don't worry about the laundry and the dog hair... just enjoy your trip!

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