Have you ever had a day that just went ...GOOD? That was my yesterday! No summer baseball (almost done..will miss it..but not daily!). We have not had a working ice maker in over a year. Now, I have done just fine with ice trays. BUT, my husband replaced go. Called someone, he looked at it , said it was go. My husband told someone 'we are getting on just fine with ice trays', BUT I was the only one dealing with them. Hey, the fridge has an ice maker..and its just sitting there staring at me MOCKING ME! (Its AZ in the summer...and 'hello, I'm Beth and I'm an ice  hog'). I looked up 'ice maker not getting water' and found a solution. Finally DH and I were on the same page, so we tried it. Long story short: original company was called (and we were told the 1st technician no longer works for that company! Interesting!), they sent someone out with in HOURS..and we have ICE! Ah, what a lovely sound: Can you hear it? The drop of the ice! (ok, ok..I TOLD you..its Arizona in the summer! Yesterday was around 112!)

Then, in the afternoon, DH went to hit golf balls and I went to pick our son and his friend up at said friends house. My mini van has a power door that has not worked in TWO years. We just muscle the thing open and shut. SO, since we had no ice YET (it does take a LITTLE while to make), I stopped at Circle K (convienince store) so the boys could get a cold drink. While I waited..just for kicks, I pushed the 'lock power door' button and then the power door WORKS! I thought I was going to fall out of the van. I thought said son would fall over on the broiling hot concrete!

All this, AND I organized a bit in the closet. Now I can sit down to tie my shoes. Ahh....the wonderment of a chair and ice!

this is what I did today:

My friend brought her daughter over. She wanted to quilt a small panel baby quilt. So, we loaded it up..and off she went. She did a great job, and we had a good time.

This is what I'm working on today for me. My friend wanted feathers she gets! I'm done with the blocks (not in THIS picture, but on the quilt), so I will try to work on the borders tonight It has been a fun quilt to work on!


Deborah Levy said…
Gosh Beth, I just went through a similar icemaker saga...fortunately I now have ice too. South Louisiana is hot and humid too!

The quilts look great! I always love to see the young ones quilting too...

Stay cool!
Amy said…
look at her go!! .. I want feathers too...right now I just do squiggles..very nice quilting.
Angie said…
LOL you are such a hoot, Beth! :) I'm so glad you have ice now!! :) And imagine that door opening---yesterday we replaced our subaru that was wrecked in January. Got me a brand now Camillia Red Subaru Forester---lots of buttons to push--I'm just trying not to hit the EJECT button....:D

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