Thank you!

Not only did I get ONE invite..I got MANY! Thank you...(and now I can blame YOU when I sucked into that DIY void called Pinterest! I'm buying a new timer today to put by the computer. If I DON"T time myself, I will never live my life! lolol)

Here is what I'm working on today. You better look quick, because this baby is going to its new home on Monday or Tuesday. Wanna guess where Beth will be over the weekend? HUNKERED DOWN to Get 'er done! This poor customer has waited WAAAY too long.

The hold up on this t-shirt quilt was the size of the logos. I had a couple that I could cut in 12 1/2  sqs, but there were also some that were over 16 inches. All the patterns I had used had smaller logos. I finally decided to border them all and then trim to the same size. I have one more on the ironing board. My goal for the day? top finished all the way to the borders, and a small start on the backing. Wish me luck..and I will post again in the morning.

PS Its nice to know I still have people out there listening to my ramblings! Thanks for reading!


Moneik said…
I just finished a King size t-shirt quilt for a customer with 51 shirts. I ended up just doing 16.5" unfinished squares and then cut them shorter, the ones I could and did long rows. It was the only way to get them all in. I think the design part takes the longest!
I am working on one of these quilts right now, too. Like Moneik, I just used 16.5" squares. I had just enough shirts to work with.
Andi said…
Oh, please send me a pinterest invite! I requested one last week, but that seems like too long ago.

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