Well, by the time you read this, it will probably be 2012. WOW~ I was just impressed that I made it to my youngest's 16th birthday...and he does not even have his drivers learners permit yet! (please pray for me! lolol) So, here is a bit of ...transparency! 2012 is going to HAVE to be more organized in my house...and I'm declaring it "The Year of UFOs and Scrappy Quilts"! ( do you think if I make a 'Declaration' it will stick better? I sure HOPE so!) I have signed up for a UFO challenge over at Patchwork Times. She suggests you pick 12 UFOs and number them. Each month she will pick a number, and you are to work on the UFO that has been tagged with that number. I"m not going to be that organized. I already realize that some months will be WAY busier than others. I plan to pick accordingly. Hopefully, on the less busy months, I can work on the UFO I will get credit for in a busy month! (clear as mud? sorry!)

So HERE is the transparency:

THIS is the current state of my sewing room. (Lucy's room (aka the long arm room) is a BIT better and could be usable in about 10 mins time.)

cutting area (this would be a  HUGE area, IF I can get the fabric put away!

Ironing table

Sewing table with machine (hiding behind that empty drawer)

design wall
(this is not the January UFO pick, but I AM working on it.)

here is a close up.
Yes, they are ALL blueberry fabrics.
its one of my oldest UFOS
its MINE

Tomorrow I have an idea about a sew along..and a give away! Are you ready to join me in de-scrapping?
See you tomorrow.
(oh, I KNOW your kind, You are probably cleaning up YOUR sewing area JUSt to show me up, arent' you?!! Thats ok, maybe it will wear off on me!)



Angie said…
Happy happy New Year, Beth! LOL I thought you had posted pictures of MY sewing room on YOUR blog... :/ :D (and you can toss that 'blueberry' UFO this way. ;) Oh the good intentions that I have for 2012..... :d
Chocolate Cat said…
Happy New Year to you and yours! I am planning on having my sewing mojo back this year and like you actually achieving something!!! I have decided to choose 7 projects and work on one a day (even if it is for as little as 15 minutes)each week until they are finished and then I can replace them. I probably have enough WIPs that I could do this all year!! Lets see how we go!
Andi said…
Very brave of you to post pics of your sewing room! I was inspired yesterday and folded all the piles on my floor. We'll see how long it stays that way... I am resisting an idea for a big quilt to commemorate my college 20yr reunion. Gotta focus on those UFOs!!

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