You KNOW what these mean, right?

I KNOW you know what these are. They mean SOMEONE was a patient in the hospital. Its been a week, let me tell you! Yesterday was the 1st day of a two day soccer tournament for Sports Guy. It to be held on the other side of town from us. Lots of road closures due to construction, and took us about 45 mins to an hour to get there. 1st game went off w/o a hitch (remember that word 'hitch', it will come up later. There MAY be test). We had too far to go to go home between games, so we went with another family to eat and then walk around a small outdoor mall area. Not too hot. Nice in the shade. We arrive back at the fields before the boys need to be back. I read my Kindle in the car, the rest went to watch the game before us. When I went looking for them, the sidelines were PACKED. It was time for our boys to start, and yet they were not on the field. ?? Whats up? There were TWO games scheduled for that field at the same time. They had no referrees for another field (altho the next one over was open), so we had to wait for that game to finish. UGH. (luckily our neighbor has a copy of our house key. My dogs were fast approaching 12 hours stuck in the house..I OWE that kid something! cookies? brownies?) Finally we start our game. At half time, its tied 1-1. Kid on our team that scored had had some health issues and had not scored all season. He has now! As the game restarted after the half, Sports Guy is starting to come off the field. He kneels down and covers his head. Covers his eyes, sneezes repeatedly, and when he looks up, he looks like Hitch when he ate that seafood (have you seen that movie? CUTE movie, but then I DO like a good Will Smith movie! Its one my DH and I can agree on!)

This is Will Smith

This is Will Smith's character in Hitch, on seafood, which he didn't know he was allergic to.

Now I don't have any proof, as I was a GOOD mother and didn't take Sports Guy's picture. Well,
he ASKED me not too. I told him it would only be so HE could see what he looked like. I swore an OATH, I would not blog, tweet or facebook said picture. He respectfully declined. Ok, he just declined! This picture
resembles Sports Guy in the swelling dept. Other than Will Smith is a black man and Sports Guy is Korea by birth!

After a SWIFT drive, ( no I did NOT speed or run any red lights), we arrived at the nearest hospital, they took us RIGHT back, and soon there after, he was hooked up to IVs. He got steroids, epineprine and VOILA, he was cranky again! It took awhile for the swelling to start down and his eyes were still swollen. All the bumps on his face were gone and his lips were back to normal. No more wheezing, sneezing...and we got to go home. All we have to show for it are these bracelets and 2 prescriptions. One for an epi pen and one for a ' just in case' steriod for today. Oh, and did you know there is NOTHING TO EAT after midnight in this town except McDonalds and Dennys'? Not even on a Saturday night? Gee, I'm glad I"m usually home in bed.

One last thing? Did I mention that Pilot Guy came home from a trip early with a toothache? Had an unscheduled root canal and is still not over feeling punk? He cancelled his next trip and I even drove to soccer yesterday. That never happens. I always take a bag of something to do 'cause he ALWAYS drives. I'm just saying' it was SOME week!

PS. Sports Guy was mad that we didn't wait 20 minutes until the half was over! He THOUGHT we should have let him PLAY that half and THEN go to the hospital. This is why they say that the male brain does not mature till around 26. I'm just saying...


Andi said…
Definitely too much excitement! Hope the guys are feeling better and you can get some quilt-therapy time.
Chocolate Cat said…
What a day! In fact what a week!! You deserve some quality 'me' time!!! How typical that he thought you could of waited to take him to the hospital!!
Anonymous said…
no known drug allergies
Beth said…
actually, this was a rhetorical question. I'm a nurse by education.

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