a special keepsake

The end of July, our son and I were visiting my parents. My mom had a pile of costume jewelery and odds and ends on the table. She is trying to figure out what to do with them. In the pile was this little silver box. I opened up..but it was empty.My grandmother's initials are carved on one side. No clue inside to what it was, but from the way the top opens, I am convinced it was a cigarette lighter. (I never remember seeing her smoke, so not sure if she did. Maybe this was something else.) Then I started looking at the design. These are FEATHERS! These will find their way into my quilting in the near future. They almost look like Zentangles. See what you think...

front of case with initials

back of case
I will use this as a needle case...so on the lookout for a tiny pair of scissors that will fit. It fits in the palm of my hand.


Michele said…
So pretty! Good luck on finding some tiny scissors that fit - maybe just some thread snips?
Anita Estes said…
Beth, that appears to be a pill box for your purse. Women would sometimes use those for carrying cough drops or mints to have in church when kids got restless.

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