Whew! I think my slump is breaking AND the weather is cooling off. Now, I dont' want you to think its COOL here! I'm still in shorts and sitting under a fan...BUT! last night I had to wear pjs with sleeves (hey! my  shoulders get chilly!) and this morning was in the 70s. SO NICE!

On the quilting front, I got 2 quilts mailed. ( I know...I hope no one went into SHOCK or anything!). Its nice to have them on their way home. My friend has been MORE than patient with me. I almost had the 2nd one done, when my Uncle John passed away (Aug 1st).  With a quick trip to NY (as in a 48 hour trip...yeah..like door to door) and then another one a week and a half later (that one was 4 days...but I also did a 5 hour trip up state to Plattsburgh where he lived), I have been playing catch up. When I am stressed like that, it seems to take me longer to get my feet back under me. I hope I'm standing up now!

I purchased a set of red snappers from Renae Haddadin. It is a quick loading system for the long arm that uses NO PINS! I tried it last night and even for a 1st time, it was easy and quick. I will like no pins. So will the dogs and cat. While I attempt to keep them out while  I quilt...SOMETIMES one will slink in. When I'm down a dog, I might look into some type of gate. (Chewy will be going home with his mom in January) I have been using a quilt rack to keep them out of my sewing room. I cannot move around in there with 4 bodies hogging all the floor space. I need to add a panel on it so they cannot duck under the bars. Maybe some of that mesh..then they can see me, but  not get TO me. AH! ANOTHER PROJECT! (this is NOT a good thing!)

I have signed up for a Paper Organizing class over at simplify 101. I am hoping my  husband will do the lessons along with me. Setting up a good system is the hardest part! I'm also going to take a class on how to use PhotoShop Elements. I want to be able to send my quilting customers ideas on how I can quilt for them. Being able to manipulate pictures with add on drawings is my goal.  Between those two classes, a husband that travels, a son who is playing a high schools sport AND a club sport (not the same sport...that is against the rules!), volunteering 2 mornings a week (one sewing class, one Ladies Bible study running a camera), and quilting for others and myself.....I think I'm maxed out, don't you?!? Oh..I forgot...4 dogs, one ELDERLY cat (she just turned 19) and I"m co-executor for my uncle's will. Can you say CHAOS??? I think I need more than that Paper Organizing class! See you tomorrow...


Angie said…
Oh yes, girly, I think you need more than just the paper organizing class! ROFL I was plumb worn out by the time I finished reading this post. :D I've missed you. Hugs.

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