Sunday stash report

I did MUCH better this week...

no fabric purchases
I worked on the 3 baby quilts (two tops done, one to go)
worked today on a UFO

I DID recieve fabric from my Lunch Bunch. We give FQ for birthdays and mine is before the next meeting, so I got fabric as a gift on Friday. HOWEVER! I have to tell you, I left my FAVORITE quilt shop in the world with : 2 cards of bobbins, a 120 inch tape measure and A book. I think I'm sick...I don't think I have EVER gotten out of there with out SOME small piece of purchased fabric! :::feeling pretty SMUG:::: Sorry about no pictures...I will try tomorrow. Only thing I took pictures of was the lentil soup! After I took the picture...decided it was not 'photo worthy'! Maybe tomorrow...


Willpower!! Have you got willpower! I have been avoiding the LQS, I know I would want to buy something.

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