a morning's work

I have had this book a couple months. I love the blocks, but I have to admit, I'm not REALLY a huge paper piecer. I had tried a small one for my Dear Jane quilt, and failed miserably. That block was SO tiny...

and as you can see, this needle has small pieces near the eye as well. I traced it on regular
wrapping tissue paper. I really like it! It is still 'fiddly' and I probably wont' paper piece all the time.

but I really like the out comes so far. These are destined to be a thread roll. I have been enjoying more hand applique and wanted something better to hold my supplies. This will be on the outside. I"m still working on ideas for the inside. Something to hold either spools or bobbins. Anyone know if you can thread a bobbin from a diff machine? The Bernina bobbins are WAY too pricey to have one for every silk thread I 'want' to own. I was wondering if I could purchase something cheaper and still be able to wind them on my DSM? I also have a bobbin winder, but I think that is specific to my long arm bobbins. I will have to check that out too! I'm off to eat lunch..I'm STARVED! Then back to the sewing studio. I think I need something for the afternoon that needs less ironing. Our electric rates go WAY up after 1pm. I try to use the iron and dryer SPARINGLY till it goes back down at 8pm.

See you later!


Judy Dietrich said…
Hello Beth, just reading thru blogs and popped onto yours. Fun stuff. I wanted you to know there is a blog called Aunt Reen's that is doing a paper pieced (and other technique's) for Dear Jane quilt blocks. She shows you one block at a time. She is doing a colorful block set and a civil war block set--cool because they look so different!! She shows how she cuts her fabric pieces to paper piece, and step by step directions to sewing the block up. If you follow along, you start to get a feel for how the blocks break down into manageable pieces. Give it a look--if you can't find it by this name--I may have left off part of the name--contact me & will get it for you!! Have a great week. Judy

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