Its ROLL season!

When our low dips below 80 degrees, we consider that COOL. I know, our brains have been fried by about 6 months of above 100 degree heat, so take that into consideration.

Now THIS is not right....can you tell what it is?

Its a pastry brush....SHEDDING! First my BBQ brush disappeared (I think it got left out by the grill and one of the dogs 'helped' himself!)...and now THIS! I am rushing RIGHT out to get a new one. How else can I get butter on top of those lovely warm rolls??? (I know...I could use a knife...but it is not LOVELY enough for these babies...hehehehehe)

( I think I'm starting to sound like the Pioneer Woman! I think my friend Julie No Blog would approve!)


You can always just dip the tops in melted butter.... Yum!
Hi, was that our chicpilot? Dodgy landing? Looking after her would have been quite nice bar the ice!
Happy baking "desertwoman." Tracey
Anonymous said…
How do you know that I don't have a!
Michele said…
Recipe for the rolls? Pretty please?

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