good deed for the MONTH!

I try to be nice to know, open doors and generally be pleasant (even when I'm NOT feeling pleasant! HA!). But most of the time, I"m in a huge hurry. To stop , turn around , backtrack, get involved..its just...well..not in the schedule! Yesterday I was on my way to my monthly Lunch Bunch gathering (Lunch Bunch: non-guild quilting group. Sew your own project, pot luck, shop in the store that lets us use the room for FREE, and generally enjoy being around other people that speak QUILT, meets the 1st Friday of the month). I was not ON time..but I was not late. (we are kinda of a loose knit group...get there when you can, leave when you have to ..but to EAT, you have to be there at lunch time..and I had part of the food!). I left my house and was on my merry way, when I saw a small tan dog in the MIDDLE of the street. What would you do? If I see a dog and its on the side of the road, I will probably go on past. This dog didnt' seem to have ANY car sense. I did what ANY self repecting dog lover would do. I STOPPPED. Took me a bit to get him to the side of the road...longer to pick him up. Anyway...checked to see if he was chipped (AFTER LB..he was depostited at my house, in a dog crate with some water. It was nice and cool yesterday with all of our thunderstorms), he was NOT and no collar. I posted all over the internet and this morning was rewarded with an email that turned out to be his owner. His name is Mickey..and he is an 11 yr old Chihuahua. He had made it past a busy street to get where he was. Not sure if he was impressed with his 'adventure', but my husband will be VERY impressed when he returns from golf to find ONLY 3 dogs!

And I have the satisfaction that I saved a dog's life. I remember how painful it was when Rookie was gone for 4 months. Microchip your animals PLEASE!


sandi s said…
Thank you for what you did for the little dog. I have two small dogs and hope someone would be as kind if they went missing. Have a great day. I love your idea for the bobbins also. Sandi

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