I use an ice cube tray for my bobbins next to my sewing machine. I DON"T like the threads hanging out and getting tangled. I have used hair scrunchies and these little clamps that hold the thread in place. BUT, those both hide what COLOR is on the bobbin.

While wandering the aisles, I came across the plumbing section...and

clear plastic tubing.

                                                        I measured the width of my bobbin,

                                Cut it with scissors (NOT my good sewing craft ones!)

                       And then cut a slit in it so you can open it up  and wrap it around the thread

NOW my ice cube tray looks like THIS:

They are not ALL done, but most of them. you can see the slits where it is open. The sides of these little slices of plastic do not have to be even or pretty, just narrow enough to fit into your bobbin. I thin I paid 0.37 a foot for the plastic. Don't you just love it when an idea works out good!?

I made TTT over at Sew Many Ways! Love that blog! (Now you will have to go over there to find out what TTT MEANS lolol!)

Update: a comment was posted about what size tubing I used. I THINK the tubing says '1/2 in TD (total diameter?). All I did was schlep a bobbin in with me to see if it looked about right. Karen cut a slit out of hers. I did not. The gap you see is because on that bobbin, there is more thread, so the cut gets spread apart on that one. One bobbin has much less thread, and you can SEE the cut, but there is no gap. The gap is ok. You just want it to hold down the thread.
I would love to thank all of you with an e-mail, but alot are on 'no-reply'. That means I cannot find an address to reply to. Thanks for visiting!


fancystitching said…
What a really neat idea, Beth! And so economical, to boot. Good going, Gal!
Noreen said…
Thanks for this great idea! I saw it at Sew Much Ado. It will be great to corral all those dangling threads.
Saw you on Sew Many Ways... thanks for sharing your idea... this is brilliant! Kathi
Sharon Dawn said…
Thanks for sharing your great idea! I bounced over from Sew Many Ways and know what TTT means :-)
Anonymous said…
Thanks so much for the brilliant idea! Your blog is great.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing Beth...Women are so CREATIVE :)
Super great idea!!!
Mariac0215 said…
Great idea!! Love it!
Pam said…
Hiya! What a genius idea!!! Found it on Sew Many Ways (love TTT), and had to check out your site. Glad you saved the little dog Mickey. Thanks for the inspiration. Blessed be, hugs!!!

playamom57 at yahoo dot com
Barbara said…
Hi Beth, Karen, at Sew Many Ways 'sent' me here. I love your bobbin cover ! I used to do the hair tie too, but that didn't work out well. I think I have to ask Hubby to take a trip to the Plumbing section or our hardware store tomorrow ! Thanks again, and I'll be back !
Gingini said…
O wow!! Thank you so much for this super idea! I love it and now I want some plastic tube. :)
Anonymous said…
That's going to clean up my longarm room! What size was the plastic tubing?
Jessica said…
This. Is. Genius. You probably just saved my disaster of a sewing box in one easy (and CHEAP!) step. Thanks for the idea!!

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