OFF the wagon!

I never signed up for any stash control sew alongs...or even keeping track of what I use with Judy L. I DO have plenty of fabric, so I should NOT be purchashing any much, really AT ALL! This week, when I went to Starbucks for my weekly 'meet with my starbucks friends' (its in a Safeway, so I grocery shop if I need to!), my friend Miss M was perusing a quilt magazine or two. She was showing me a cute pattern when we BOTH caught what was on the other page. THIS:

yes, its blueberry muffins in a muffin pan! It was made into placemats...SO CUTE! But, I have a closet confession ::: I have a blueberry UFO:::: Yes! Its TRUE! I started collecting blueberry fabric many years ago. It has a specific plan...and at the time there were NOT many blueberry SOME of them are a stretch. Want a peek?

This is from a very old pattern called Postcard. Well,, because people used  postcards for the template!I took this class from Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie fame at a local quilt shop before she started publishing patterns. She called the class "stacked bricks".

This was the 1st fab that actually LOOKED like blueberries. I was so excited!

Even blue polka dots became blueberries in my eyes! You can see my favorite one in the upper left. You can also notice that after I RAN OUT, I had to find a suitable another dot was inserted. See if you can find that strip in the big its hard!

my only criteria was that it has to have blueberries IN the fab someplace. This one has raspberries and black berries too!

this one has cherries...some yellow berry..and the top black fab? (the BLURRY ONE? lol) has corn bread, apple pie AND blueberry muffins!

I FINALLY got the whole thing pieced. I had worked on it at my parents house last summer. I schlepped my Featherweight on the plane and got quite a bit done. design wall, and I had to put it away everytime my mom wanted to eat on the 'good' dining room table. When I got home, I misplaced a section. FINALLY found it pieced...and then could not find:

the designated BACKING! I must have found this on sale...and there is alot. But there is always a catch isn't there? There is a flaw in  the printing...and when I measured..there is plenty width wise. Length wise? I am still working under the 44'-45' wide fabric from youth! this is only FOURTY wide. I need at least 90 inches long. When I found the muffin pan fab: PROBLEM SOLVED...
well..PART of the problem!

By the time I was done looking at fabric online, not only had I ordered the muffin fab, I had ordered this:

and this panel.
 And YET I was not finished! On the way  home from my Monday sewing class, I stopped by SAS. This wonderful place has buttons, ribbon, PILES of fabric, thread, and  any doodah they can find that someplace was not selling so they buy it cheap. They put it in a container and the customers just LOVE to paw thru..and poke around the fabric stacks to see what 'treasures' they can find.

THESE are mine! Oh and 4 zippers and a yummy piece of tan minkee.
(the bike fab is a home dec fab. I washed it already and I think I'm going to make grocery bags out of it. Its nice and sturdy. Since I have washed it already, I can wash the bags when they!)

OK...I'm done now. I'm SO VERY done! I'm off to the quilt frame.

Hope you have a wonderful 4th! We got RAIN in Phoenix! And lucky me...once again I have a HOUSE full of teens. maybe the sun will come out so they can swim in the humidity.


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