off the frame today

I am hoping to quilt alot this week..and then I realized there is July 4th on Wednesday, my Summer Sewing group at my house on Thursday, and Lunch Bunch at Quiltz (my fav shop in the Valley of the Sun!) on Friday! I better be ready to quilt ALL WEEKEND! Here are a couple of pictures of the quilt that I took off the frame this morning...I think I still 'quilt' bees in my sleep...heheheheheh3

I think I will load the next one now, so I can quilt when I have a bit of time. Not sure I will go anywhere on the 4th. The dogs panic SO badly, they will have on their Thundershirts on (google it! They really work!) and its SO hot out there, I would rather cocoon in the sewing room!
Thanks for visiting my blog....BEE seeing you!
(so sorry, I could NOT pass up a good pun!)


phxquilt said…
lovely quilt!
Kathleen said…
Love your bees :)

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