Does anything in your life make you feel invisible? A few in my son walking in the room (we have a country kitchen: kitchen, table and family room all rolled into one) while I'm cooking and turning the channel on the TV. HELLO?! SOMEONE IN IS IN HERE! Sheesh! Well, here is the latest installment. Someone hacked our credit card. They charged $100 on Itunes. Now I like Itunes, but I don't order that much at a whack. Wish they could track the person down...I would GIVE them a whack! SO, the dear credit card company, who caught the anomoly, said they would cancel the old cards and send out new ones. Two days later we get a it up....ONE CARD. DH's card. That sweet man was FUMING. He had specifically TOLD them 'We have a joint acct. SEND TWO CARDS'.  This has happened to me before... Last time we got new checks, DH took the deposit slip to the bank and asked them to order new checks. A week later, we get a check box. Open it up : ONLY HAS ONE NAME. The kicker there is that DH RARELY writes a check. I write one only when the merchant does not take credit cards or I don't have enough cash. Like the landscaper and the bug man. The thought crossed my you think my DH is trying to tell me something??


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