A new day dawning!

Well, its been a long time coming. A shift in my life and my days. This morning, our newest driver, got himself up (more on that later!) and drove himself to school. Did you hear the angels singing? I think I did! lolol He has never gone to the closest school. He went to a church preschool, a different church for 1st -4th, then a charter school and now a school outside our district for high school. There were various reasons. Each school was picked for a different reason, but all had no bus service. So Mom's Taxi was in full swing. My husband would do some delivery if I asked, but for the most part it was all me. I DID get up this morning, more out of force of habit than anything. He does not need anything in the morning. I used to offer breakfast, but after many years of seeing a non-morning person roll his eyes, I quit asking. My only concern of the morning was seeing him drive away...in the dark...with no lights on his car! As you would expect, I tried to tell him...but alas, he was off without looking back. He is growing up! As he should...

When he asked us last night if he could drive today (half day...finals...good thought), he asked his dad
for the keys "so I dont' have to wake you up in the morning.." Wake up his DAD? Who could sleep thru a hurricane? And if he woke up, would be back to sleep in about 10 seconds? What about waking MOM up? Who got up with you every day for 17 yrs...to a crabby non-morning person? You will be happy to know, I got a good laugh out of that!


Andi said…
YAY! That is a big milestone. Now you can get up early and QUILT ;-)

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