What was he thinking?

Well, LAST Christmas, Sports Guy got a small
cookie making pan. If you have ever eaten at BJ's Restaurant and Brewery, they have a pizookie (think Pizza + cookie) ...they are GOOD..they are big! Sports Guy cannot leave until he has one. SOMETIMES he does not even share!. He decided tonight he wanted to make the cookie. He had many questions : Where is the vanilla? (can you tell he is a new baker?? lol) and What bowl do I use to mix? (um...a MIXING bowl? hehehehe) The size of the cookie was good. The taste was ok...the texture...more like cake.
add ice cream
then whipped  cream

and last but not least:
Chocolate syrup!
 I'm sorry to tell you , I think this was his DINNER! Hey! He ate all the left over tamales
that were in there..and I was BUSY today quilting with a friend. A girl has to have priorities, doesnt she? I promise I will cook for the kid tomorrow!



fancystitching said…
It looks yummy! And don't feel guilty...this meal goes well toward meeting nutrition requirements since it contains dairy (butter, ice cream, whipped cream), grain (flour) and we can count chocolate as a veggie since it comes from a cocoa BEAN. Happy quilting, and happy new year, Beth.

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